Meet our amazing Vintage Queen no 129, the beautiful Agnieszka from Poland. Her mid-century style is always incredibly well put together whether she wears late Forties or early Sixties.

“I’m Agnieszka. I live in Krakow, Poland. I’ve been interested in vintage fashion for many years. I love the mystery of the Twenties, Thirties elegance, the simplicity of the Forties, Fifties chic, and the youthful Sixties.

When I dress, I prefer to go for dresses that I search for at second-hand stores and flea markets. I run a vintage blog called RetroStyl.”

50s gown




late 50s

pink dress


5 Responses

  1. gayle

    I love vintage!! I really like the outfits and how she has pulled everything together..down to the gloves! It reminds me so much of my mother!!

  2. Catherine

    Oh such pretty photos! Its like ive picked up an issue of 50s Vogue! such beautiful and well put together outfits!

  3. SandyS

    She looks amazing. Just like from a 50s magazine. She’s stunningly beautiful and has some really gorgeous outfits^^

  4. kate

    the first photo looks so authentic i cant believe it wasnt actually taken in the 50s!