Howdy folks –  I am Charly aka LandGirl1980 and owner of Well Rounded Vintage. I am most honoured to be a part of Top 100 Vintage Queens. *swoon*

I came to the “scene” through my love of history, especially both World Wars. Some may see that as slightly macabre, but I am firm believer that if you do not know where you are from, you can’t see where you are going. The more I read about the female role within those times, the more I began to emulate them through my style. I worked my way up gradually, from wearing the odd dress or skirt occasionally, to trying out red lippy, to experimenting with my hair. Over the years, my look has evolved.

Although history is incredibly important to me, getting my look exactly right is a little less so. I used to worry a lot about whether or not I was “Forties” enough –  and now I like to play around with the looks of the era. It’s what makes the look personal to me .

I love to trawl charity shops, Etsy and vintage shops such as St Cyr Vintage  in Camden and Shrewd in Dorking to add to my over-full wardrobe.

I have been dressing with a Forties vibe full time for about four years now and I never cease to be amazed by all the wonderful people & events it has brought into my life. There are friends that I have made through my blog that I just would not have in my life now were it not for the way I dress.

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