Lovely Queens readers, our 100 Vintage Queens series will be nearing its end this spring, and although we could easily go and do the next 100 amazing vintage ladies straight away, we’re wondering if it might be time to let the boys take centre stage.

Could it be time to kick of 100 Vintage Kings? Please do take our poll -we’d love to hear what you think!

8 Responses

  1. Laurence

    It’s hard to choose, I think like Fiona that both will be great! I want to see more vintage gals but also want to see some men!
    And why not vintage couple like us:
    We can also be a vintage queen and a vintage king of course but it could be fun to show couples together!!!

  2. Lena

    Yeah both would be brilliant but I’m not sure I could manage it time-wise!

  3. Lindy Hopper

    Why not Vintage Royals? Then everyone can be included, girls, boys, couples & groups of friends too.

  4. Paul Hayward

    I vote for sex equality: first queens, then kings, and then both together.