Our amazing Vintage Queen number 70 looks just like a Fifties Hollywood starlet. Groomed to perfection – whether blonde or brunette – and always dressed in period style, it’s hard to believe this is a busy mum of three in the year 2010 and not one if MGM’s latest leading ladies ca 1953.

I’m Kesenya Baker, a stay at home Mum to three extremely busy little people, and wife to a very talented Rockabilly performer and all round great guy! I run Alice Jean’s blog site (named for my grandmothers) and am studying for my Masters degree in Community Planning and Development part-time.

I also do the occasional garden design for my little hobby business, Eden Design, love to sing and perform occasionally, delight in discovering ‘new’ old music, enjoy gardening, sewing, collecting vintage household items and dress patterns, and you will often find me dreaming, laughing or singing !

As far as the Fifties goes, I have always loved the joyfulness and sentimentality of the music (brings back memories of growing up listening to my Nanna and Dad’s records) but the clincher was undoubtedly at a girlfriends sleepover in grade 5 when we watched Back to The Future….all I wanted to do was go back in time.  One of the best movies ever, fanciful though it may be.

I also grew up on vintage movie matinees and fell in love with all the sophistication, beauty and glamour there.I guess the Fifties influences are many and varied, but they were all something I could identify with!

I live the Fifties  every day. I dress and do my hair up in an attempt at the glamorous ‘Betty Draper’ housewife look. I do have some concessions to modernity – my dishwasher and clothes washer, good heating and air-conditioning, computer and an ‘everyday’ car. But pretty much all the visual aesthetics are Fifties. It was such a visually ‘sparkling’ time!

Having said that, I am so thankful I live today when not only can I aesthetically live the era I love, but I also have modern freedoms, equality, choices and advantages.

I love almost everything about vintage sub-cultures – the feeling of belonging I get amongst like-minded people who value history, creativity, artistry and beautiful aesthetics in life. It really is a wonderful community to be a part of. The people I have met are all so ‘real’ in that they are being genuinely true to themselves, and that is something I find completely inspiring!


all images: www.brookorchardphotography.com




8 Responses

  1. Kiri

    I really like this Vintage Queen. 😀 Her style is impeccable! And Back to the Future was the movie that got me interested in 50’s as well. Love that movie.

  2. Lady Carmen

    Kesenya – you take my breath away! What an inspiration to all Vintage Queens. You wear the elegance and glamour of the 50’s so well. Do strangers stop and ask for your autograph? The vintage car to so you too. How do you dress your precious children?

  3. AliceJean

    Oh thankyou lovely people leaving comments for me !

    Lady Carmen, I do dress my children as 50’s as possible, but you have no idea how hard boys overalls are to come by once they are over 4 years of age…..I need to get sewing !! My little girl wears dresses I have made her, almost every day, and although I havent been asked for an autograph, I frequently get stopped in the street and told how lovely we all look on occasion. That is always nice – it’s a great conversation starter !! I rarely get negetive comments, although I have had one rude person sing “I’m livin in the 70’s” quite insultingly as I walked by…..quite obviously the joke was on her ! As for the car in the photographs, the blue one was a ‘prop’ supplied by an aquaintance, but the red convertible pontiac I am sitting in is my own.

    Kiri – it is always so lovely to meet a fellow Back to the future lover…..I recently found a complete audio version of “The Starliners’ singing “Earth Angel” on youtube….complete with violins coming in at the point where George kisses Lorraine…..it was a buzz to find the whole song !!

    And Jodie – thanks for your beautiful comment ! I am blushing !!

    Much love always,


  4. Tine

    You look so amazing, a real inspiration indeed. I think your family pictures must be the loveliest ever, I always enjoy seeing people dressing in matching styles, especially when it looks like a picture ripped out a ’50s magazine. I agree with you saying it is such a beautiful period to grab back to, while you can still be emancipated and free. Apparently I need to put “Back to the future” on my to watch-list!

  5. Candice DeVille

    Ahh the lovely and ever charming Kesenya! A very well deserved place in the Queens of Vintage list. Kesenya is such a doll in all the best senses of the word. Beautiful, charming, inspiring and down to earth. As she said, there are some amazzing vintage ladies out there who are so “real” and all the more delightful for it! – Love you!
    xx Candice DeVille

  6. Susan Reynolds

    Love your look, makes me think of photos of Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor. You rock!