New year, new home style? Start 2015 with bang and win a fantastic classic rotary dial retro phone based on a Thirties design!

Introducing the GPO-200 Classic Retro Telephone, a contemporary British design classic, perfect for your dΓ©cor, and yet brought up to date with modern technology to ensure they work on any standard home telephone line.

hTe GPO-200 design is based on the vintage Bakelite telephones and features rotary dialling, authentic bell ringing and a solid, weighty construction.

Bring a piece of the past, right back into the present!

Main specifications at a glance

  • Authentic bell ringer
  • Traditional rotary dial
  • Solid, weighty construction
  • Retro cloth curly cord
  • Works on any standard home telephone line
  • Replica of the 1939 Bakelite telephones
  • Compatible with modern telephone banking
  • Comes complete with a 1 year warrantyGPO200-3fw680fh620

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic phone, curtsey of PMC Telecom, simply leave a comment below AND follow PMC Telecom on Twitter. The winner will be drawn at random at midday on 19th January 2015. There is no cash alternative. This give-away is open to non-UK residents.

40 Responses

  1. Maddi

    I love how important the call feels on a gorgeous old phone… And winning this means my beautiful old phone table/chair finally will be used for it’s intended purpose!

  2. Alex

    There’s something to be said for actually sitting down and calling someone as opposed to always texting/emailing running around! Beautiful phone, would love to win it!

  3. Cat

    This is glorious! Perhaps now I can convince my 21st-century flatmates that people do still use landlines…!

  4. Stevie Lou Nicholls

    That would be wonderful to own, make a call just like in the old days.

    “Hello, Jean Harlow speaking”…lol

  5. Pamela Goff

    how fabulous is this phone! AND I love always your posts I learn a lot …thank you for it all!

  6. cherissa curtis

    Oh my.! This phone is gorgeous.! Such a retro chic accessory for any household. I’m slowly but surely turning my home into a mid-century, vintage atmosphere. And this phone would be perfect! <3

  7. Shannon

    Love rotary phones! This is terrific, can’t wait to get one.

  8. Margaret D

    I’m a sucker for the retro details on this – love the proper fabric cord!

  9. HollyL

    I love this phone, and the 19th is my birthday, so this would be a PERFECT present! πŸ™‚

  10. Jess Taylor

    Such beautiful workmanship that goes into something like this. Ahh to live in the past…

  11. Sharleen Rayner

    I have been looking for these forever and would love to win one!! Happy New Year all!

  12. Paige

    It’s not often you find such wonderful new products that you can have AND use in your vintage styled house.

  13. Moemi

    I love it! I miss the old telephones, they were so fashionable…

  14. Jane Willis

    A phone that actually LOOKS like a phone! This is gorgeous! I’ve followed PMC Telecom – I’m @janesgrapevine on Twitter

  15. Gillian Holmes

    Following PMC Telecom on Twitter as @gholmes724.

    I live on my own and one benefit is it gives free rein to personal taste in interior design.

    I seem to have gone distinctly retro and this would fit right in. Lovely giveaway.


  16. kellyjo walters

    My nan still has 2 of these fully working in cream in her house.. they are ace alwaysed loved the style

  17. Katie g

    I hate hate hate talking on the phone (word trip ahoy!) but this beauty would definitely make it a lot easier for me.

  18. Natalie Crossan

    I just ADORE this phone!! Liked and following on twitter @nattycrossaint πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xxx

  19. Alison McCormic

    This phone is classic. If it’s possible to fall in love with a phone, I have! The design is retro chic and I imagine myself lounging in my pegnoir set, maribou slippers, pin curls and chin strap (did I just admit to that?!?) chatting to paramours and thumbing through scripts. Please allow this to become a reality for this dame living in the past with the help of today’s retro designs.