Win £100 to spend at Collectif and get yourself a fantastic vintage-inspired wardrobe in time for autumn!

The Collectif Vintage Collection for AW14 captures the romance of original vintage but made it wearable for the modern woman, think classic styles that have a trend influence but can be worn for years to come.

The new season styles are based on shapes from the Forties, Fifties and early Sixties. The daywear includes casual styles and glamorous workwear in crepes, easy to wear cottons and wool based fabrics. Prints include vintage florals, bold tartan, velvet polka flock and monochrome houndstooth.

Collectif’s eveningwear uses luxurious fabrics and trimmings to give that screen starlet feel, think rich velvets, tulles, floral embroideries and crystal buttons give a feel of opulence and drama.

The mainline Collection for AW14 has a Rebel Rocker theme, with check prints, cherries, stripes, denim fabrics, creating a mixture of sexy dresses perfect for cocktails with the girls and casual daywear perfect for an afternoon watching roller derby.


Whatever collection captures your imagination – here’s your chance to win £100 to spend at

Win £100 to Spend at Collectif

Competition Disclaimer

All prize draws are open to anyone aged 18 or over.

This prize draw contains opt in marketing and only one entry per person is permitted via every entry method.

Persons connected with Queens of Vintage or Collectif are ineligible.

Winners will be selected at random by computer on the closing date and the winner will be notified by EMAIL within 48 hours.

Prizes must be claimed within 28 days of each draw and unclaimed prizes will be void.

The voucher cannot be redeemed for a cash prize. The voucher is only valid to be spent on expiring 30th November

206 Responses

  1. Stevie Lou

    Seeing I already follow you on Facebook, and Twitter, and don’t know if they count, I’ll comment here. Would be handy to win, as they’ve been recommended as a good place to get my outfit for a wedding.
    I might look like Harlow, but I don’t have her budget!

  2. Harriet

    What a great giveaway – good luck everybody! I’d love to have a new dress for autumn, or maybe even a coat (I’m slightly addicted to coats) x

  3. Kittyspacegirl

    I would love to win this competition so I can update my work wardrobe with some super vintage style tops, to go with the skirts I already own

  4. LouiseG

    I was looking at Collectif’s store in Spitalfields market just on the weekend. They have an amazing range or skirts and dresses that can be worn with more contemporary looks.

  5. Robyn Braik

    I adore Collectif and would love to win this. I’m in need of an new coat and their’s are gorgeous.

  6. Jamie P

    This is quite possibly the greatest giveaway – I adore Collectif & would love to win these vouchers!!

  7. Carrie W

    Dreaming of the Collectif Ashley coat. I would buy it, and then never, ever take if off!

  8. Sarah Valentine

    Yes please! I do love a good Collectif shop -could do with some new season knitwear!

  9. Kate

    Amazing prize, Collectif has some of the most amazing coats just in time for winter!

  10. Stephanie Z

    I’ve been lusting over the pearl coat for so long… I’d love to finally be able to purchase it!
    Pretty please x

  11. cat

    Would love to get a new coat – been needing a 50’s style one for a while now!

  12. Pixie

    Love collectif so much! The Faye floral doll and Cynthia doll dress will be mine….! <3

  13. Beth

    Aaahh I love Collectif so much! Even if I didn’t win, my next paycheck is going on this website 😉

  14. Emma

    Done everything on the list (I already follow on fb, twitter a d get the newsletter!) Would love this prize! X

  15. Bekki Fountain

    If I won I would buy the coat in the image above!! Collectif is by far my favourite place to shop!!

  16. Katie Moran

    If I won i would absolutely buy the Ashley Coat – I have been coveting a good winter coat to wear over my circle dresses/skirts for some time and this just looks fabulous! Keeping my fingers crossed x

  17. Amy

    My friend Katie looked fab in a Collectif dress on her honeymoon. I definitely want to steal her style and buy the same one if I win!

  18. Abi C

    I love Collectif dresses a heck of a lot and I’m particularly excited about the Rebel Rocker collection.

  19. Harriet

    Yes Please! This Coat is going to be a gorgeous new addition to my wardrobe <3 x

  20. ShelleyS

    Collectif is amazing, I would soooo love to win! Would be difficult to choose what to spend the prize on but that coat is absolutely beautiful ???? Xx

  21. Thirza

    I’d love to win! I’ve got my eye on a few of the coats from the new range, just as it’s starting to get colder 🙂

  22. Therese Maher

    I would love to win this. I’m new to the pin-up/vintage scene and need to start building my collection. I fell in love with the Collectif stuff.

  23. Emily Frazier

    Love all your things, I live in Brighton and your shop is just round the corner. I’d buy the polka-dot pencil skirt and one of your cherry cardigans.

    Thank you.

  24. Kate Greenwood

    I want to win this prize so so so much. I will finally buy a stunning Pearl coat!!

  25. zowie harris

    I couldn’t pick just one thing from collectif but I do absolutely love the coat on this page

  26. AiliePailie

    I love collectif! I’d get the polly polka dot skirt in black and mint and another pair of the amazing Sally denim capris! Thanks!!

  27. Isabelle

    What would I buy? As much as humanely possible I think! Collectif is just ultimately stylish!

  28. Mckenzie Joseph

    Love love love if I won I would buy the record clutch and anything from the 1950s collection. I also would love the coat above. Such beautiful things!!!

  29. Sara Johannesson

    I would love to win. You have so many beatiful things. This time i think i would have bought the Dolores sweetheart dress and Alison swing skirt.

  30. Catherine Labranche

    I love Collectif!!! If I won I’d probably get a nice new winter coat.

  31. Dez-Rez

    Totally in love with Collectif clothing, would be awesome to win this.

  32. Ama

    Collectif dresses are a perfect fit. Even for a tall 6ft girl like me. So I’d expand my dress collection =^x^=

  33. Vintage Chic

    My fall/winter wardrobe being almost non-existent, I’d buy a few warm staples if I win this competition. Fingers crossed!

  34. Alex

    Who doesn’t need a new piece in their wardrobe from Collectif?! What a great way to move into Autumn.

  35. Victoria

    All done! Fingers crossed! Having shopped Collectif during their sale, I fear I have now started an obsession and want everything on the site!

  36. Alyssa Brown

    I would get the new polly polka flock skirt and a black Dolores top. But I love the new check print too and I’ve had my eye on the black lace Dolores dress for quite a while….

  37. Julie Gillen

    Ooh I’d really love to win this! Their coats and cardigans are gorgeous!

  38. Kelly-lea Woolley

    If I won the voucher I’d love to buy a rockin new coat! That new season one is gorgeous!

  39. Francesca Pegg

    I don’t need a new coat, but oh my do I want that coat! Stylish AND cosy? Good work Collectif!

  40. Talia

    Such a great contest! I love everything from Collectif and I am smitten about the polka dot pencil skirt! Good luck to everyone 😀

  41. Logan

    I’ve been wanting to buy one of their huge princess coats for so long! I desperately hope I win this… It’s my only chance at affording one!

  42. Angelique van Oosterwijk

    If only I would be so lucky to win this prize. Loooove, love, love collectif!

  43. Yolanda Weber

    Yes please I would like to win

    i want to have suits a long time so beautiful coat.
    maybe after my pregnancy when I win the price I can perhaps buy the coat.
    so fingers crossed that I may win.


  44. Kimbo

    How to choose?! What will i spend my £100 on when i win…What a lovely dilemma to have! 😉 (give me everything! )

  45. Rachel Ross

    Wow! Amazing competition, I am going to get that coat this winter!! 🙂

  46. MissCastanette

    Done all of them (some I had already done tbf). Fingers crossed! I dress in Collectif clothes almost exclusively so this would be a great bonus :). The Jenna dresses look awesome so maybe that’s what I’d buy with the £100, but would be equally handy got staples such as cardigans etc. hope I win 🙂 xx

  47. Erin

    I love Collectif so much. I’ve never found a brand that has such a variety of clothes that fit a variety of women until I discovered Collectif!

  48. Anka

    Love this competition! I adore Collectif, I think 1/3 of my wardrobe is from their brand!

  49. Emily

    I only recently discovered Collectif and got my first delivery in the post last month and now I’m hooked! I want it all!

  50. Naomi

    I am just loving that coat, but I’d just have to go for the new polka dot flock skirt. Too cute, and perfect for school!

  51. Sheree

    Oh my how fab-o would that be – I love Collectif and would have such jolly fun!!

  52. Caitlin M

    Love the coat! Can’t wait for it to be released and I hope I can get one!

  53. Marie

    I love Collectif! Some of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe are from Collectif. And I’m really excited about some of the pieces from the AW14 line.

  54. Kajsa

    I would sooo love to win this voucher! I’ve ordered from Collectif several times and they NEVER disappoint me. I really love the new line with the tartan prints, since I’m part scottish! 🙂

  55. Julie

    I love all of Collectif’s clothes but would probably go for a coat 🙂

  56. Angela

    I adore Collectif’s dresses, I’d grab as many as I could with a gift voucher! Being in the States, our dollars are much weaker than the pound making it more of a special occasion when I can afford some Collectif!!! ????

  57. Hannah Lewis

    Even though I’ve loved this summer I am looking forward to getting back into velvet for autumn. It would be really awesome to get to treat myself this year! Fingers crossed!

  58. Amber

    The ridiculously beautiful Collectif Princess coat is the stuff dreams are made of. If I won the competition I would most certainly be improving my wardrobe and purchasing this beauty!

  59. Kate

    Yes, summer is over and that’s pretty sad. But there’s a good thing to it, too. Thanks for this nice autumn collection!

  60. Rebekka Turner

    If I was to enter this, I think that I would be tempted by one of the very lovely pale coloured dresses, the stripy 1940’s styled jumpsuit or one of your lovely winter, fur trimmed coats with pom-poms on! Vintage clothing is such a great escape into the world of imagination!

  61. laura jaccqueline smith

    I’ve been drooling over Collectifs gorgeous houndstooth wiggle dress!

  62. MissSJP

    Desperate for the Dorothy Tulle Floral Swing Dress. Fell in love with that months ago and it would be perfect for my 30th birthday celebrations.

  63. Alisha Ward

    Oh, swoon. This is my idea of heaven.
    I’d use this to buy a few new dresses and skirts 🙂

  64. Becki

    If I won I would treat my mum to a brand new 50s dress. She loves this stuff so fingers crossed!

  65. Cindy Lu

    Would love to get the Hilda skirt and more cardigans 🙂 Thanks for posting this contest.

  66. Lita Hayworth

    What a great competition! I love Collectif Clothing and I love that Vanessa Frankenstein is there model for the new season 🙂

  67. Jo Yuen

    Would love to win this prize! From Collectif’s biggest fan in Australia!

  68. Diani

    I am in love with that coat, don’t even care that Spring is here, I’d be wearing it everywhere!

  69. Ariana Burandt

    I would love to get the Stephanie doll dress and the Jemima striped doll dress or a cardigan

  70. Mai Tai Miranda

    You had to post the two things I have been lusting after, might have to grab that dress right away! Love Collectif!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  71. Heidi Arnott

    I had never heard of this company, but I looked through the website and everything is so beautiful, I simply fell in love! I would love to win… 🙂

  72. Jean

    I’m looking for a fabulous coat for the winter; looks like I just found one 🙂

  73. Panda

    My Navy officer boyfriend would love to take me to a fancy restaurant some time, and seeing as I don’t have anytime appropriate in my wardrobe….yet… 😉 I’d definitely buy either the Helen or the Delilah dress (from the Sale section)… maybe even both!

  74. EmmaJayne

    If I won I would buy the Pearl Coat, it is amazing! I already have two swing trenches. Love their coats!

  75. JJ

    I love my Collectif vintage raincoat, I now have my eye on that there winter coat 🙂

  76. clare b

    There is a beautiful flowery dress at collectif that I would love to get married in.

  77. Nicola McClements

    Oh wow, I really hope I win!! I need a new wardrobe for uni!

  78. Jennifer

    Depending on what is in stock,I would get the Delores Dress Feral,or a delores doll in red and white polka dots or a doll in pink hibiscus,an Anne Cherry Top in Burgundy or Delores Top Feral.

  79. Janey B

    I bought my first ever Collectif dress this summer for Secret Cinema 1950s Back To The Future event and have now fallen in love with the Dolores style flared dresses so I would snap up the Dolores Polka Dot Rose dress. It’s gorgeous!

  80. Suzanne Kuboyama

    What a delightful competition! There are so many beautiful items on here!

  81. Nicholas Willis

    I would love to surprise my fiancé with this, I’m fed up off hearing her say ‘I hate all of my clothes” every morning!

  82. Bridget Heather

    Amazing beautiful stylish wonderful clothes! I honestly wouldn’t know where to start trying to pick something! But the coat featured is FAB!!!

  83. Jayne T

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway, I would buy the Jeana Swallow T-shirt and the Patricia Pansy Floral Blouse.

  84. Laura-Jane Baker

    I would buy the Jenna Pencil Dress and do my best Joan-from-Mad-Men impression – gorgeous! 🙂

  85. Teresa Lee

    Love the collection of fitted dresses – if I won I’d definitely get a couple of these…..Thanks for the Competition.

  86. Amber Rose

    If I was fortunate enough to win such an amazing prize – I’d put the £100 towards one of their absolutely stunning coats because there is nothing worse than having to ruin a perfect outfit with a million layers and a basic coat 🙂 xx

  87. Eleanor Wigmore

    Thanks for introducing me to a new website. I love lots but my fave is the red delores polka dress. LOVE.

  88. Tracy W

    The Beau cable knit jumper. I have a lot of jumpers, but nothing that looks similar to that one!


    I would give it to my daughter who is seriously into vintage. I am sure a special handbag would be top of the list.