victorian style bed

It’s really difficult to find an affordable vintage bed in good condition. There’s also a size issue – vintage beds tend to be quite a lot shorter than modern ones. So where online could you go to find good repro beds and what kind of styles are out there?

If you’re after Victorian-style brass beds, definitely check out Their Thyme Brass Bed (pictured above) isn’t cheap at around £2000 but looks so sturdy it’ll last you for many years to come. If – like me – you’ve found yourself on the floor in the middle of the night cause your Ikea slats have once again collapsed, you know that’s a serious factor to consider…

There is also a cheaper but no less stylish metal option called the Juniper, which starts at £1000 and comes in white for a more Sixties or Seventies look.

When I was a child my parents had an amazing reproduction wooden four poster bed. Somehow my brother has managed to nab it, yet I haven’t quite given up on owning one myself one day. has a whole section of  repro four poster beds. My favourite is the Orleans, (see below) whose French château style would look great in my Sixties bedroom.

Another favourite is the Arts & Crafts inspired Little Mackintosh wooden bed which is less than £1000 for a kingsize. All of the Revival Beds are handmade and come with a 10 year guarantee, which is fantastic.

four poster bed

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