041710_ph1_w434_h_q80Few women could get away with making the Eighties look fashionable the first time around, but that’s exactly what Drew did with her role as Julia in cult hit The Wedding Singer. Laura Terry takes a closer look.

Playing a character a little out of her comfort zone, we marvelled as Drew rocked Doc Martins and floral dresses to perfection, while persuing a mullet headed Adam Sandler. Only she could pull off white lace stockings during the daytime and not look tarty; in fact we’d even go as far to say that she looked positively endearing in her little waitress outfit.

While her on-screen cousin Holly went down the Eighties Madonna route of lace gloves, crucifixes and a poodle perm, Julia opted for a more elegant look consisting of cutesy cardigans and a sleek bob hairdo. Our leading lady was also a fan of customizing her looks, adding badges to coats and huge floral corsages to her dresses to make her stand out from the crowd.

We’ll admit she was no Carrie when it came to customizing, but Julia’s style in the film was unlike anything we’d ever seen before; it was girly, fun and not OTT like so many other Eighties based films.
She made hoop earrings look cool not chavvy and singlehandedly managed to re-ignite our passion for oversized bleached denim jackets.

If that weren’t enough, she spent most of the film rocking a massive oval necklace, which would have seriously given Titanic’s Rose a run for her money.

While we love Drew in her other roles, it’s clear that this is where her real style achievement lies; she looks comfortably chic and stylish here and is a true Hollywood-goes-vintage movie icon in our eyes.


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  1. Sissy

    I love this movie!
    Just saw her in Grey Gardens, some great looks in that as well…