elseElse Ernestine Neulaender, also known as Yva, ran a flourishing atelier in Twenties and Thirties Berlin, where she established herself as the go to photographer for magazine fashion shoots.

Her photographs were published in various well-known magazines, including German Vogue. With their multi-exposures, her images are considered influential to the German avant-garde movement at the time, and her work also left its mark on her trainees, among them Helmut Newton and Bill Godwin.

Yva, who grew up in an assimilated Jewish family, was forced to close her atelier in 1938 due to the work prohibition imposed by the Nazis. She then worked as an X-ray assistant in the Jewish hospital before she and her husband Alfred Hermann Simon were arrested, deported, and murdered in 1942.

Her atelier and flat at Schl├╝terstra├če 45, Berlin, had been – until recently – largely left untouched.