lead4When you’re love, it’s the little things that count. Similarly on your wedding day, it is the little details and touches that will help to make you feel like a vintage princess, from the ring on your finger to the shoes on your feet. Frankie Murray has five unique vintage pieces that have stood the test of time to make your wedding truly special.

1. Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring Set

This ring will give you all the more reason to say, “I do”. It features a large European cut .40 karat diamond in the centre, with six smaller diamonds around it that are approximately .10 karat. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then this ring should be your bridesmaid.


il_430xn_636087342. Vintage Blue Rhinestone Bracelet

This bracelet is not only beautiful, it also ticks the ‘something old’ and ‘something blue’ boxes. The blue is stunning, but it’s also delicate enough not to distract from your wedding ring.




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