Our adorable and amazing Vintage Queen number 61 is in love with the Sixties. Whether it’s turning her flat into a Mad Men style pad, planning her own period-themed wedding or just looking plain gorgeous every day, this passionate vintage vixen really highlights the best her favourite decade has to offer.

“I’m Mia, I live in London town and I spend far too much of my free time scouring eBay, car boot sales, charity shops and markets for vintage dresses. For most girls it’s a straight choice – bags or shoes – but for me it’s all about the dresses, I can’t resist a psychedelic mini, a pretty prom or a ditsy teadress.

I guess my fascination with vintage started, like most girls, with my mum’s old clothes. I must have spent hours digging about in the back of her wardrobe and prancing around in Seventies maxi dresses and mini skirts which were twice my size. My favourite item was always her brown suede fitted jacket with faux fur collar and cuffs, which I was allowed to borrow on special occasions.

My passion is¬†Sixties fashion, though I have a soft spot for Fifties,¬†Seventiesand Eighties too. I’m a real thrifty shopper (for thrifty read tight) and I don’t think I own any designer clothes at all, preferring to fill my wardrobe with moth-eaten, polyester, M&S staples or handmade creations.

For me, nothing is beyond repair (though it will involve sitting in my sewing box for A LONG time before I get around to fixing it). I love vibrant colours and really structured clothes, but I basically always have an eye out for anything unusual. I like to keep all my friends up to date (or possibly bore them, I’m not sure) with my vintage fashion adventures with a little blog I write with my friend Corinne – www.usedandabusedvintage.com.

I’m in a band, which is an amazing excuse to buy vintage clothes. There’s literally nothing too ludicrous to wear on stage and I’m building quite a collection of jumpsuits, capes and hotpants. Also – and this might be a little weird – I really love clothes with animals on, and have been known to type ‘vintage horse’ into eBay to see what I can find.

My big news this year is that I’m getting married (hooray!). So I’m right in the middle of organising the perfect Sixties-style wedding. A friend is making my dress from a vintage pattern (it has a cape, you have NO idea how excited I am), and I’m currently on the lookout for some cute bridesmaid dresses in coordinating pastels.

I also just bought the cutest Sixties white lace mini dress to wear in the evening (you just can’t dance in a maxi – what an excellent excuse). All the info on the web about hosting a Sixties-themed wedding is SO cheesy so I’ve taken to blogging about my wedding planning experiences in the hope it might help other vintage brides, at www.1960sbride.com.

Like all vintage fashionistas I’m obsessed with Mad Men right now, and am in the process of trying to turn my flat into the perfect mid-century des res. I probably bang on about vintage too much, but I think everyone should wear it. It saves the planet, saves you money, makes you stand out from the crowd and most of all dressing up is fun.

My real bugbear is friends who say ‘I couldn’t pull it off’. I don’t believe there’s anyone on the planet who can’t pull off wearing well made, cutting edge, second hand clothes and I’m on a mission to change their minds!”

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  1. Sue L

    Great stuff – I’m all for recycling; how sad to think that so much good stuff ends up in landfill! Does anyone know the name of Mia’s band as the link is not working?