Flamingo Amy loves Forties and Fifties hair accessories so much she’s started to make them herself. We’ve met up with her to chat about her shop, her inspiration and what hair style she considers the epitome of glamour.

Queens Of Vintage: Tell us a bit about yourself

Flamingo Amy: I left Art College in 2006 and decided fairly early on that being an artist was not what I wanted to do, although I did really enjoy being creative and making things. At the time I’d started going to vintage and rockabilly events and I noticed that many girls there wore hair flowers, but I had real trouble finding them – so I decided that if I couldn’t find what I wanted for sale, then I would make them myself.

I started Flamingo Amy in early 2008, initially selling on Ebay, but then created a website which is now my main base. I also sell through several shops in Norwich (where I live), through Nina’s Hair Parlour (Vintage Hair Specialist) in London, and at the ‘Clutter City’ craft event also in Norwich.

My love of all things vintage, and with adorning hair, has now expanded to include styling hair. I have recently started as a trainee stylist at Nina’s Hair Parlour, which allows me to combine both of these passions.

QoV: Have you always been into vintage?

Flamingo Amy: A friend invited me to a rockabilly weekender about five years ago. Before that I wasn’t even aware such a scene existed. I fell in love with the way people were dressed the moment I arrived and have been in love with the Forties and Fifties styles ever since.

QoV: Do you wear vintage everyday?

Flamingo Amy: Most of my clothes are vintage inspired or vintage, even my work ones. The clothes of the Forties and Fifties were made to flatter, and I couldn’t conceive of dressing any other way.  My hair is styled vintage nearly everyday, it really completes the look.

QoV: Do you have any vintage idols at all?

Flamingo Amy: Of course, seeing someone who looks stunning from a past era inspires me, but my idols are the girls of today who manage to re-create the look, making clothes themselves from original patterns, researching hair and make-up, and all the other components that produce a look that so few people are able to achieve these days. It’s that combination of commitment and passion to wearing and living vintage that really gets my admiration.

QoV: What’s your favourite vintage era?

Flamingo Amy: I love both the Forties and Fifties, but I am particularly inspired by the hairstyles of the Forties. I am absolutely in love with victory rolls, to me they are the epitome of glamour – I style my fringe into a victory roll most days. Many people, both friends and strangers comment on my hair, and this is what inspired me to specialise in hairstyling and accessories.

QoV: What are you’re favourite vintage possessions?

Flamingo Amy: Apart from my clothes I’d say my Fifties kitchen scales. They are eggshell-blue and in perfect working order. I love cooking and use these all the time. Also I have a Fifties blue drop-leaf table, also used everyday in my kitchen. I picked it up for £12 in a junk shop and couldn’t part with it.

QoV: Tell us about your shop, what do you do, how to you make your products and what inspires them?

Flamingo Amy:My website is my shop, where in addition to a wide selection of hair accessories, I have a blog, customer gallery and a gallery of pictures that inspire me (and hopefully other people).  I started out making hair flowers, but I’ve now started making fascinator hats, which have recently become very popular. Quality is my top priority when I make something.

Without naming names, I have seen some truly dreadfully made and yet over-priced hair flowers. I pride myself on making something that is both superior in quality and affordable. When I make my products, I always try to imagine what sort of hairstyle they would look good in and what sort of hair they would suit, and I am always happy to give advice. I often have people ask for something specific, be it for a photo shoot or to go with a particular burlesque outfit,  and I am happy to customise or source unusual things.

2 Responses

  1. hannah asprey

    I love Flamingo Amy’s flowers – they really are much sturdier than anyone else’s.

  2. Lisa Prest

    I have to agree with Hannah, Amy really does make the best flowers – beautiful quality and a wide range too.