“My name is Charlotte and I recently moved from Chichester on the South Coast to London. I’m a self employed seller of vintage and upcycled clothing and accessories and vintage blogger.

Growing up with an antique dealer mother, a stepfather with an impressive array of collectables from the Thirties – Fifties, and a WWII fanatic father, I’ve been surrounded by vintage and history all my life.

We once had a “Victorian day” at school when I was maybe six years old, and I was so fascinated that I used to love dressing as a Victorian – a habit that persisted for years: When I was 11 I’d do my homework at my mother’s bureau in a crochet-trimmed pinafore over my blouse and skirt with pyjama bottoms as bloomers. I even styled my room as I pictured a Victorian girl’s bedroom, like a film set.

Still, despite having a lifelong obsession with vintage fashion (and being very aware that my figure is far more suited to the hourglass styles of the past than modern sizing) it took a surprisingly long time for me to take the leap into actually wearing it. I was selling vintage homewares and clothing on eBay, wishing I could wear it, until eventually I had an epiphany: instead of *wishing*, why not just *wear* it? So I finally worked up the courage to ignore my inhibitions and follow my heart to ‘go vintage’.

Now I mostly wear styles from the late Thirties – early Forties and the Fifties- the eras which I feel are the most ladylike, with their girlish detailing and emphasis on the hourglass figure. Much of my wardrobe comes from eBay, Etsy and charity shopping, with a few pieces from car boot sales or homemade by me – only one or two items came from vintage boutiques as they’re usually out of my price range. Not everything I own is vintage – I’m not averse to some modern clothing, if it can be styled right.

I can’t say exactly what initially attracted me to vintage since there’s never been a time when I *haven’t* been into it, but there’s so much that I love about wearing it now. Besides the fact that it suits me better than any modern clothing, there’s the everyday glamour of wearing a hat and gloves for a stroll in the park, or matching your bag and shoes to go shopping. I also love the history behind the styles I wear, the social shifts reflected in each phase of fashion. Then there’s the “thrill of the chase” in the search for a bargain, or that elusive perfect item in the right size; or the satisfaction in sewing my own one-of-a-kind vintage reproductions.

Lastly, I love being unique. There’s something rather thrilling in the knowledge that I’m wearing something that *nobody* else has.”

2 Responses

  1. Christine Carmichael

    Absolutely love your style – I am also a lover of vintage and retro things but have not taken the leap into wearing them, other than handbags, but as I sell vintage and retro items really want to have a themed look for my vintage fairs so am going to seek out some original 40’s and 50’s styles to wear when selling my vintage and retro items – will be trawling ebay and charity shops for suitable items –

  2. Alan Scott

    I do love your photos of your vintage clothes
    You do look so vintage chic. Have you any vintage
    Rain wear? Vintage macs are hard to find.
    I noticed a new rain bonnet go sale called
    Bubble Betty, style looks retro too. Would suit you too.