With her amazing red locks – so very Rita Hayworth – our lovely Vintage Queen number 58 looks like a Forties war time pin-up. A huge vintage fan, Britta lives and breathes the vintage lifestyle every day from her love for history to immaculate sense of style.

“My name is Britta and I live in Stockholm, but I’m originally from Pajala, a small village in the north of Sweden. I’ve done some studying at university for a couple of years but now I’m taking it slow, just trying to figure out what I want to do next in my life. I spend my days listening to old jazz from the Twenties or watching some good TV series like Poirot.

I grew up watching old black and white movies, both Swedish ones and Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy as well as movies with beautiful ladies with even more beautiful clothes that left me daydreaming for hours. I’ve been interested in history for as long as I can remember, especially WWII.

Even though there was a war going on people still managed to dress fabulous. Besides loving history I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to sci-fi.

I’ve always been bit of an collector and had an urge to preserve things for the future. It’s something that my mother really doesn’t like because she thinks it’s a waste of both money and space. But I love having things around me that have a history or story behind them.

One of my best finds ever are five illustrations from a French fashion magazine from the Twenties.

Since High School I’ve always dressed in my own way and have never really been interested in following the latest fashion despite the comments I got from people around me. I found most of my clothes at the local thrift store.

When i was around 17  I got my aunts entire wardrobe from the Sixties but a couple of years later I grew a bit tired of the whole Sixties fashion and began to look back further. Nowadays I mix Forties and Fifties with newer garments, and I think it shows who I really am.

I buy most of my vintage clothes on eBay for little money, I like making a good find and really don’t want to spend so much on it. But if I could, my entire wardrobe would consist of vintage Thirties and Forties clothes. I feel the most comfortable in a pair of high waisted jeans or pants especially during the winter months.

I love skirts with suspenders and navy blue dresses and anything that’s green as it goes so well with my hair!

What I love about vintage is that the quality of the clothes are so much better than most clothes made today. Vintage fits so damn good and you can make it more personal. I love Forties hair and try to do it daily, that and wear red lipstick. I feel a bit naked if my hair is straight and I  have no lipstick on.

My favourite eras are the Twenties to the early Fifties and if I could, I would love to have lived in the US during the Twenties, the most beautiful dresses one could imagine and dancing all night long at some jazzclub.

I find my inspiration mostly from what ordinary people wore back then, and people today that dress in vintage. There are a lot of glamorous people out there!”

Check out Britta’s blog here.



7 Responses

  1. Rebecka

    love the hair – such a gorgeous colour & style! nice to see some more fello swedes on here too.

  2. Angelina Machado

    Your a beautiful lady I absolutley adore your style very Hayworth, Lucille Ball too she was one of my favorites of a Lady with red hair!

    Cheers darlings have a lovely day!

  3. Sheila Brady

    You are just beautiful, I love your hair, your eyes are amazing and I so wish 40’s wannabes would look at your eyebrows, just perfect. I see a lot of Maureen O’Hara about you, could there be some Irish blood in the family? Good Luck!

  4. Betty Lou

    Thanks to all of you!

    Thank you Sheila! I must admit that i’m not that good at fixing my eyebrows so i’m glad you think that they look good 😀 And sadly no irish blood 🙁 But thanks, Maureen was a real beauty!

  5. stephany

    i want that color red but idk i’m naturally a light brown and my eyebrows r black so i dyed my hair b pitch black (bad idea by the way) and blond luks weird on me do u think any one can pull of the red???
    wut do i do about my eyebrows should i bleach them???

  6. Betty Lou

    i say go for it! the world need smore redheads 😀 I don’t know about the eyebrows, keep them as they are and see how it looks?