Our fabulous Vintage Queen number 62 was born in Hawaii, and her roots still very much influence her own interpretation of Fifties style. With her colourful, bright dresses, flowers worn as hair accessories and red lipstick she looks like Hawaii’s answer to the bombshells of the Fifties.

“My name is Melodie but I am also known as A Vintage Vixen or Midnight Marilyn. I currently live in Florida but I was born in Hawaii and raised in California.

I love jazz, classical, and blues music and enjoy classic noir movies like Mildred Pierce and bombshell movies like Niagara and Carmen Jones. My inspiration comes from movie stars like Monroe, Hayworth, Russell – pretty much all the bombshells of their time.

I find most of my clothes are Fifties based because of the gals and the clothes of that time attract me the most, I love the big curls, big lips, and big jewelry (when appropriate), although I do occasionally flirt with the Twenties to Forties as well as the Victorian era. When I go casual I find that cotton dresses and flats do the trick. Recently, I’ve stared to collect brooches but I also love scarfs and hair pieces.

I love vintage because it’s a part of who I am. I would have loved to have said I always have been vintage but I wasn’t. I have sampled a lot of different styles but I always come back to vintage and this is ultimately who I am. People might look at me as different but I look at me as me! I am not in love with fashion as much as I am with style. Anyone can put a label on anything but style is what I look for in my clothes and accessories.

Apart from vintage I enjoy reading while in the tub and my many pets. I also enjoy random acts of glamour on the street. I am bright but naive, classy but a comedian, shy but approachable. I’m also a student working on my bachelors in Business Management. Ultimately I’d love a career in a writing or vintage, or ideally both of course!

To find out more about Melodie check out her blog.”






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