We love the way our gorgeous Vintage Queen no 49 does vintage glamour. Whether it’s Thirties pin-curls, Forties red lips or a Sixties little black dress, she knows how to wear it with style.

My name is Marianne and I love old things. I grew up in London, and moved to Melbourne when I was 22.

After a couple of years here, I got back into second hand shopping; I loved going to charity shops as a teenager, and found I still loved going to op shops, as they are known here.

I now look for different things, though, and am always on the look out for vintage goodies, which, although pretty rare here, can sometimes be found!

I also rediscovered my love of vintage here, which has very slowly bloomed over the years. As a sixteen year old, I would spend hours in Steinberg & Tolkein on the Kings Road, wishing I could afford to dress in those things all the time.

It has only been in the last year that I have found, through the blogging world, that wonderful vintage things can be found online.

I dress in a mix of vintage, second hand and repro clothes. As much as I love, say, a Forties dress, the practically –  and durability! – of a reproduction dress is hard to beat.

My favourite styles are from the late Thirties through to the early Sixties – so, very varied! – and I do love a Seventies nanna dress

I also love wearing my hair in vintage-inspired styles, and have finally found a way of pin curling my very straight and very disobedient hair that I am happy with. And I love a vintage make up style, too, and can feel quite naked without my red lipstick!

However, I usually don’t try to recreate any one era accurately, and prefer to simply wear things I love in a way that makes me happy. To fiond out more about Marianne visit her blog here.
























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