Our fabulous Vintage Queen number 48 has a great eye for detail. The little bows, pendents, bags and hats she adds to her lace dresses are just downright adorable and create a completely unique, individual look.

“My name is Lauren, I live in Nashville with my husband and our new floppy-eared puppy, and I’m in love with the individuality that wearing vintage can give you.

My favorite shopping experience happens at hole-in-the-wall thrift stores where I can find unique items for myself or for others. To give old clothes new life is an absolute blessing!

I try not to tie myself down to a specific decade or era in fashion. I enjoy incorporating traits from several decades – the masculine hard shoulders of the Forties with a full, high waisted crinoline from the Fifties – to create my own look.

I’ve recently become obsessed with pillbox hats, bow ties, over the knee boots, and anything velvet or lace.

Lately, I’ve been finding adorable children’s dresses and making them into skirts to sell at my Etsy shop, and that might be my new favorite pastime. I’ve also been creating hair pieces with red berries and black flowers for holiday wear. It’s wonderful to dig through old items in flea markets or craft stores and find ideas and inspiration!”


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  1. Kiri

    You look lovely Lauren! Congratulations! I love the white dress and those shoes in the second picture.