We’ve really fallen in love with a new range of vintage drawings – Vintage Trudy – which is launching next week. What makes these charming little sketches to unique is that they were drawn by a timid newly-wed in the early Fifties, who had moved to Britain for a new start after the hardship of the war years.

Born in Amsterdam, Trudy’s childhood fell apart when in World War 2, her father joined the resistance movement and the family had to live under assumed names, in hiding, often eating
no more than tulip bulbs.

At the age of 19, Trudy came to study nursing in Rugby, England and within months met the man she would soon married. No guests at the wedding, just two witnesses, no honeymoon, but a trip to London Zoo. Pale, beautiful, thin, afraid of the sound of planes and in a foreign country,Trudy suddenly saw a life that held promise and joy. Her pictures, all originals, drawn in 1951-52, reflect the life she so wanted to live.

Years later, after Trudy had passed away, her drawings resurfaced. The family felt the drawings were too beautiful to be hidden away in an old sketchbook, and so in honour of Trudy and her dreams – and the thousands of women like her – these drawings have been given new life.

Not just nostalgic reflections of an era gone by, they are as authentic and original as any vintage artefact you might find.

Vintage Trudy includes greeting cards and gift tags, aprons and cushion covers. The range will be expanding with new lines added as the venture grows.

Available online from next week

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