Our amazing Vintage Queen number 52 is in love with the Thirties. We adore the way she translates art deco style and Hollywood glamour into her wardrobe, hair, and make-up and tirelessly searches for the perfect vintage dresses and patterns.

I’m Lauren, and I sell vintage clothing and patterns on Etsy, but I also am a seamstress and designer.  I do work locally here in the San Diego area for theatre and private clients, and I also have done some independent film styling and costuming.

I have been interested in historic costume as long as I can remember and from that branched a love of vintage clothing.

I started collecting the Edwardian era first, and that still remains a true love, but my constant favorite is clothing from the Thirties.  I grew up with classic film, and when I was in junior high I remember first being struck with how absolutely beautiful the actresses were in comparison to modern standards.

Thirties actresses had an elegance and sophistication that could not be surpassed, and seeing them on the screen in black and white made me long to eminate that style.

When the swing dance craze came out in the Nineties I expanded a bit into the Forties and Fifties, and though the craze didn’t necessarily stick with the mainstream, the style did with me!

l love sharing all about vintage on my blog and my website and a get a lot of joy from sharing vintage finds on my Etsy store, too.  It’s so hard to find the classic sportswear style that I love so much, and wearable Thirties clothing.

I’ve found that vintage sewing patterns are a companion passion to vintage style, and these days with vintage getting more popular and expensive, I find more often than not I’m making the perfect dress I imagine from my stash of patterns rather than searching to find it vintage.

images: Gordon Ayres







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  1. Francy

    This is some seriously inspirational style. I LOVE the first photo. Beautiful!


  2. Tammi Johnson

    Lauren always looks amazing and she’s a sweetheart also.