Our amazing Vintage Queen number 46 shows us how to get the perfect mix of vintage thrift and modern clothes. Whether she takes her style inspiration from our favourite vintage icons such as Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker or whether she wears a vintage straw boater, Andrea is always a true fashion muse.

Andrea, 24, is originally from Zimbabwe but now lives in New Zealand with her husband. She’s a writer, her next novel The Cry of the Go-Away Bird is being published next March.

To find out more about Andrea and view more amazing outfits visit her blog here.



2 Responses

  1. Sheila Brady

    This is what I call ‘true style’. I wonder if Andrea ever gets it wrong (like me)? I hardly think so!
    Maybe when she gets her present publication out of the way she could pen a style bible.
    Like ‘how not to get it wrong’. Well done Andrea

  2. Icy @ Individual Chic

    I’ve been reading Andrea’s blog for a while now, and I am constantly amazed at the variation she shows in her dressing. Totally had to get a pair of red tights after I saw her in some.