If you’re in London make sure you pop round at Hula Nails, a fun TikiĀ  beauty salon that does some of the best half-moon manicures you can get in the capital. I met the girls behind the salon and sipped pineapple cocktails while chatting vintage beauty – here are their top tips for nailing the pin-up look and more.

Ladies, what is Hula Nails all about?

George: We wanted to create a fun, cheeky retro haven for women only. Vintage can be a bit scary but our salon is accessible and pure girly escapism for anyone. We focus on the treatment side of beauty and offer nails, waxing, lashes as well as vintage hair and make-up lessons. Most people have to watch how much they spend these days but they come to us for a treat – having your nails done can be a little monthly luxury.

How ‘vintage’ is your salon?

George: In terms of look and feel it’s full of kitsch Fifties touches like bamboo, flowers, gorgeous wallpaper and a vintage treatment chair. We often get hen parties or private groups so we close up the salon, put on an old movie like Some Like It Hot and sip cocktails out of giant pineapple glasses. Our treatments have a retro feel too, like our half-moon manicures, or bespoke nail art – think Tiki designs. We also offer a spray white, the reverse of a spray tan for that perfect porcelain doll look. We’re definitely old-school and all about aesthetic beauty, we don’t do treatments like botox.

Why do you think is vintage hair and make-up more popular again?

George: I think it’s partially due to series like Mad Men but also because women long for a more glamorous look. Our lives are so buys now, we all have work, social lives, maybe children, so we rarely get any time to focus on ourselves. Wearing a vintage look is taking a break from all of this, it’s expressing who we are. Just putting on some red lipstick can make you feel amazing.

I also think that having a vintage look gives you a sense of belonging, even if you just dip in and out, there’s lots of other people like you. Although there’s so many different tribes of vintage, it’s all quite playful and embracing. You don’t have to be a certain size or have to have a certain look to get into it. It’s a different kind of femininity too, a bit out there, a bit eccentric.

What are your top tips for someone trying to create a pin-up look for the first time?

George: My top tip is Ruby Woo – the best ever red lipstick shade from Mac. Seriously, it suits any skin tone. If you’re going to an event, try out everything a few days before, maybe one a Saturday afternoon when you are relaxed while sipping a glass of fizz. Next, make sure you have the right underwear. The pin-up look is all about bullet bras, garters, waspies and big knickers.

To get inspired, put on a Fifties film, maybe one with Marilyn, sit back and enjoy. For more inspiration and help, head to YouTube for tutorials on both hair and make-up. And lastly just enjoy – being a pin-up is about being yourself!

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