Our amazing Vintage Queen number 55 has blown us away with her head-to-toe vintage style. Always sporting a hat – from bowler to straw boater – this style queen makes us want to expand our vintage millinery collection. For showing us how to wear a vintage hat the modern way we salute you!

“I’m Fabiola ‘Fab’ of Vested Bee Vintage. It was an old oak steamer trunk I found a few years ago filled with Forties, Fifties and Sixties dresses that started my vintage adventure and love affair with all things old. Well, not all things old. Just the pretty things.

The dresses I found in that trunk taught me that you don’t have to buy new to look fabulous.  You just need be willing to dig around an attic, thrift store or two.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is a prime hunting ground for all things vintage. Lots of thrift and second hand stores to shop during the week and always at least one or two estate sales to scour on the weekend.

My sense of fashion comes directly from my mother, a woman who lived to dress well and had an amazing closet to show for it. Row after row of hats, drawers full of jewellery and accessories and shoes too numerous to count.

I would spend many nights with her putting together outfits for every occasion and always knew I would have a similar collection when I grew up. I think of my eBay store and myEtsy shop as two corners of my own closet.

I love selling vintage clothing and accessories. It has always felt like a natural progression from collecting to sharing and selling, and I always try to keep up with the current trends and apply a vintage twist to them.

I love to wear vintage clothing for so many reasons. Vintage clothes are unique. The patterns seem fresh for they are no longer being produced. Vintage clothes are on the majority of a higher fit and finish than today’s mass-produced wear.

So many pieces were custom or handmade that when you find an item that fits, it REALLY fits. Oh, I can’t leave out affordability. I would rather wear the best of yesterday for the same price or less than the okay of today and you can fill a closet full of gorgeous designer vintage clothes on almost any budget.

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4 Responses

  1. Lady Carmen

    Fabiola Fab, You are an inspiration! I just discovered vintage hats last year and they have become an obsession. You wear it so well and must get compliments galore.

  2. Sheila Brady

    I am a hat fanatic and just love to see young people wearing hats…..you wear yours so beautifully! So many people let the hat wear them….Super, super, Love your look!

  3. calivintage

    she is truly a great inspiration. her hats and vintage pieces are amazing and her photos are stunning! great feature!