I am Lili la Scala a singer of vintage songs, collector of vintage sheet music, hoarder of vintage clothes and lover of shoes! I spend most of my life hunting for vintage music, in charity shops, jumble sales, attics, eBay and some other very special sources!

I love to share this vintage music with people and give it new life, and so I am always hunting for that next obscure gem. I love vintage clothing (or heritage clothing, as my husband calls it!) because it is just so elegant. Gloves and hats just make me feel like such a lady, and I often receive admiring glances and comments from both men and women.

Rarely do I come across someone wearing the same dress as me and I am always asked “Where did you get that dress?”, it’s always a pleasure to me to say “Oh this? It’s vintage!”. As I travel a lot for work, I am lucky enough to visit vintage stores all over the world.

My favourite vintage shop, Tete a Tete, was in Christchurch, New Zealand but sadly the shop was destroyed in the February earthquake which destroyed so many lives. Thankfully, both owners escaped with their lives, although they were so sad to leave all their treasures behind.

My second favourite shop is called Victorian Gilt, and is in Auckland. It is stuffed to the gunnels with Thirties, Forties and Fifties clothing. I always find wonderful, stunning dresses in there and I have to make painful decisions! In England, I love Tasty Vintage in Lincoln and’Polka Dots & Kisses in Leigh on Sea.

I seem to be sliding ever further in to the past though. I started off wearing Fifties clothes all the time, but as time progresses the Forties have made an appearance or two and there are even a couple of Thirties dresses in my wardrobe now.

I hope I stop soon, as I have no room for Belle Epoque!


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  1. Andrea

    Lili, I’m a good friend of Vanessa and Warren’s as well, and thrilled to know you support them too! Did you know they’re opening an online store soon?