untitledFor the average gal, winter time serves as a challenge in keeping up an authentic vintage style while dressing warmly to brave the elements. When temperatures drop, it’s time to break-out the angora sweater sets, wool stockings, and frock coats—but what about protecting your head and maintaining your hairstyle through icy winds and precipitation? Christie Craft takes a look at vintage winter hats.

For centuries women have donned hats and bonnets as an essential accessory meant not only to keep their heads warm, but also to keep their hairstyle intact. Many fashions of the early and mid-20th century dictated that women never go hatless when out and about, and hairdressers everywhere were consulted on the best coifs to suit their millinery.

Ladies’ berets are a classic choice that has survived decades, and are a great choice for easily contouring around a hairstyle at the head’s crown. Many different materials and fabrics are used with these hats from heavy wool cable knits for the coldest days to lightweight felts for autumn and spring looks.

Berets can be found easily and are perfect for accessorizing with a brooch or millinery pin, or modifying with a simple ribbon. You can easily keep them from flying off in gusty winds with a few simple bobby pins or one good hatpin.

Soft angora crème beret on Etsy

Vintage burgundy velvet beret on Etsy

Vintage black velvet beret tam on Etsy

Forties stylized beret hat from Lord & Taylor on Etsy

Vintage cranberry red knit beret on Etsy

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