Remember our amazing Vintage Twosome Annabelle and Phife? I really love their uber cool rock’n’roll style, so I was thrilled when Annabelle contacted me about featuring their one year anniversary party, which gave them the chance to celebrate with the family and friends who weren’t at their elopement wedding.

“One year ago, on September 17, my husband and I spontaneously eloped in Las Vegas. We went up to the top of the Stratosphere fully planning to go bowling afterwards, and ended up at Graceland Chapel instead. Because none of our friends or family were present for the ceremony, we decided to throw a party one year later to celebrate. It was held at the historic San Francisco Verdi Club with 80 of our closest friends and family in attendance to help us celebrate our first anniversary and Phife’s birthday.

We decided that since we were married by Elvis, we should give a nod to the King by wearing pink and black, his trademark colors. We knew we would dress in vintage, and asked our guests to try to, as well – my uncles stunned me by dressing in WWII uniforms, inspired by my Grandfather’s WWII jacket which Uncle Steve had in his closet. Having only the jacket, though, he had to scour eBay to get the rest of the uniforms! Guess internet shopping runs in the family, as my Fifties party dress was also an eBay find. Phife found his suit while shopping at Viva Las Vegas this past year – the lining says it was made for “Mr.Lee”, and fit him so perfectly it didn’t need to be altered.

My wedding ring from Phife is beautiful antique silver, with diamonds and onyx. On the day of the party, my mom surprised me by giving me my grandmother’s Forties engagement ring, which fit perfectly! Grandma said that when she first received it from Grandpa, she felt like she was floating on air. I remember playing with it on her hand as a child, and that she never ever took it off.

On a trip to New Zealand earlier this year, Phife and I fell in love with sticky toffee pudding, so when our friend Ginevra offered to make the dessert for our party, we of course chose that. She rose to the challenge and her cake was not only delicious, but beautiful as well, with an English feel.

Decorations were simple, with a vintage inspiration. The seating chart was a (repro) antique map of San Francisco, and each table was a different neighborhood. Friends DJed, playing a mix of big band, Fifties crooners, classic country, Sixties soul/R&B, and other dance music. We wanted to share our love of dance with guests, so some friends taught an introductory swing dance lesson which everyone joined in for and had a great time.

I was so surprised and happy to have my grandparents represented at the party, through his jacket and her ring. Though they’re gone, they’re still a huge inspiration to me. All in all, the party was everything we could have possibly hoped for.








table deco





Photoraphy by Michael O’Donnell

2 Responses

  1. kSto

    Congratulations on Year One. Many happy returns. You and Phife are as cute as ever. Everything looks cool, especially the Cadillac manicure with Grandma’s wedding ring.

  2. Carol

    A terrific record of a super event! Since the trad gift for a first anniversary is “paper,” tonight I’m getting you a partial present–a copy of DISCOVERING VINTAGE NY, A GUIDE TO THE CITY’S TIMELESS SHOPS, BARS, DELIS, AND MORE, signed by the author–I’m going to his illustrated talk and taking notes for your next visit east 🙂