When I got married earlier this year I seriously considered wearing a skirt suit. Casual and a typically vintage choice, it would have been a great option for our low key day. I went for a dress in the end, but wearing a skirt suit could be a fab option for vintage-loving brides.

It was during the Forties that skirt suits really became an alternative to wedding dresses. War rationing made it difficult to get the fabric needed for bridal gowns and weddings often had to be arranged at short notice with the groom only home for a few days on leave, so many brides opted to simply wear their best suit. Perhaps surprisingly, given their financial means, the skit suit was also a favourite with Hollywood stars throughout the Forties and early Fifties.

Lauren Bacall wore a simple, belted skirt suit at her wedding to Humphrey Bogart in 1945. Hollywood’s biggest star, Marilyn Monroe, dressed in a simple yet elegant chocolate brown pencil dress and jacket trimmed with a white ermine Peter Pan collar when she married Joe DiMaggio in 1954, and Rita Hayworth opted for a a blouse and skirt suit combo when she wed Orson Welles in 1943. But skirt suits were a fashionable choice in the decades before and after the Second World War as well.

The most famous wedding suit of all is perhaps the pale blue Mainbocher suit Wallace Simpson wore at her wedding to Edward Formerly VIII in 1937. With its long skirt and elegant button line, it looked regally glamorous while being deemed a suitable choice for a divorcee.

Thirty years later, Bianca Jagger also chose a skirt suit to wed Mick. Her Tommy Nutter bespoke white suit was cleverly cut to hide her pregnancy, and worn without a shirt or bra, was certainly a daring rock’n’roll choice. So whatever decade you love, if you’re a vintage bride-to-be, a skirt suit might be just your thing!



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  1. Brooksie

    My mom and dad were married on July 3rd 1953, my mom wore a navy blue wool skirt suit to get married in because that was the nicest thing to wear that she owned.