Meet our latest Vintage Twosome, Alvise (27) and Francesca (25) a wonderful, unconventional and Lindy hop loving couple from Rome, who are taking the eternal city by storm with their retro style.

We not only love their Thirties to Fifties influenced look but also their uber-romantic love story, which they have shared with us. Over to Alvise:

“Last December we met at a New Year’s Eve party, the first ever organized by the Lindy hop community of Rome. Francesca had other plans for that night, she was supposed to be elsewhere, while me… well, actually I had no plans. These are the first coincidences in how we met! We were the only two dressed in vintage: second coincidence. She came to me, asking for a picture together and some dances. When I saw her eyes – immediately it was love at first sight!

“At our first date, we were both dressed in vintage style, and really looked the part. While we were walking, a tourist took some pictures of us. A flower seller gave some roses, for free, to Francesca. He asked us to kiss each other, but we were too shy to please him.

“At our second date, of course dressed in vintage style, something “magic” happened. After dinner we decided to go out a romantic walk. But it was mid-January, freezing cold! I had no idea where to go, so I started driving around with my car, looking for inspiration. Near St. Peter’s Square, a red warning light on the car’s dashboard came on and I had to stop: the water in the radiator was about to boil! So we got out and walked, first arm in arm then hand in hand, toward St. Peter’s Square. There still were the nativity crib and the Christmas tree – and a beautiful full moon! So romantic! After a little hesitation, and chitchat to overcome our shyness, I took the courage and kissed her.

“The next day I miraculously brought the car to a mechanic, surprised that I managed to get up to there. Did I mention, it’s a Volkswagen, like Herbie the Love Bug?

Well, that’s the magic and incredible story of our first kiss!”

2 Responses

  1. Lucie Q

    They are incredible, you should see them dancing! Lindy Hop is truly magic, it touches something deep in our hearts and souls, and brings together amazing people like Francesca & Alvise…

  2. katiuscia

    che coppia fantastica! è bello vedere che ci sono altri amanti del vintage in Italia e che non siamo una razza in estinzione…