Meet Vintage Twosome Sam and Monica, who live in an amazing historical house in Oakland and have an incredible Thirties and Forties vintage wardrobe each. Wow!

“Monica and I both live in Oakland and work in San Francisco. The commute is just about the same as living in most of San Francisco, while in Oakland we’re able to have more space – mostly taken up by cars and closets.

We currently live in a beautiful historic 1913 “Victorian” house in Oakland. With its very large parlor, we host occasional dance and cocktail soirees.

We both work in the Tech industry because it pays the bills while being flexible enough to allow nights and weekends off for fun.

We’ve both done occasional costume or vintage events for a long time, from the 18th Century to more “modern vintage” of the 20th Century, including a great deal of Victorian era. Most of this has been based on dancing, which we’ve both been very fond of for as long as each of us can remember.

We met in Victorian dance, and I introduced Monica to Lindy Hop. We both still dance and teach Waltz and Swing on a regular basis.

We started dressing vintage a few years ago. After a long weekend of vintage events, we each goaded each other to keep doing it.
“I’m going to keep dressing vintage on Monday”
“Oh, well if you do it, then I will too. And I’ll dress well Tuesday too!”
and it just went from there.

Last year Monica was awarded Miss Art Deco by the Art Deco Society of California, and I was awarded Mr. Silent Film by the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

We primarily focus on the Thirties and Forties with some occasional Twenties and Fifties thrown in. We agree with the widely shared sentiment that the Thirties was the pinnacle of “modern” fashion.

Personally, I started dressing vintage because I love compliments. I quickly found that every day I made that extra little effort to dress vintage, I got compliments from people I knew, as well as strangers on the street. Currently a day doesn’t go by without a few compliments, and the feeling and mood it puts you in is just wonderful!

Dressing well in modern clothes doesn’t have the same effect – I believe it’s combination of not being made as well, and not standing out.

Our love for vintage includes our wardrobes, house and car – when it came time to get one, we knew it had to be cute and have the same ‘compliment effect’. We couldn’t find anything modern that would fit, and besides, modern cars are quite expensive!
I had always been fond of vintage roadsters, and it wasn’t hard to convince Monica, so we bought our yellow 1968 Austin Healey Sprite (Daphne) about two years ago, and loved it so much, we’ve jumped in with both feet. We now also own a 1959 Austin Healey Sprite, 1956 MGA, and 1956 Nash Metropolitan (Amelia, the non-roadster, also affectionately “the rain car”).”

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  1. Mlle Marie

    Oh! I think I just fell in love with you both!
    Marvellous! Splendid!
    … oh, I could go on all day… 🙂

    • Brooksie

      You two have impeccable style! I love your cars and your wardrobes, I too have a Metropolitan Nash mine is a 1961 convertible (also turquoise and white).