Lianne and James

Meet our latest Vintage Twosome: Lianne and James. They are not only partners in love but also run their own wedding photography business together. We lover their cool pastel Fifties vibe and love for quality items. But over to Lianne:

“Me, Lianne, and James (my other half of 10 years…. 11 in May) have our own wedding photography business specialising in weddings of a more relaxed, party nature to the downright unique (Steampunk wedding anyone?) and also vintage weddings.

I’ve been into vintage since I started getting pocket money at age 11. I’d save up all my money and go to the vintage shops in town. I didn’t favour a particular era back then, my mantra was always (and still is) I want to wear something I know no-one else will be wearing- outrageous or not! And believe me, there were some outrageous outfits in my early teens!

Today I still like to stand out from the crowd. Either with 4inch psychedelic razor collar shirts from the Seventies or a more put together look of the Fifties (most of my collection is Fifties). I find when you wear vintage, you can almost guarantee to be the best dressed person whatever the situation and that appeals to me.

James’ passion is for the tailored look- he feels almost naked without a lovingly picked out vintage pocket square or wool tie. He wont be seen out of the house without his pomade hair with tortoise shell comb firmly in pocket. For James, it’s not necessarily about standing out but more about quality. Appreciating quality materials like Harris tweed, fine tailoring or a well mixed cocktail (an old fashion of course)!”

2 Responses

  1. Laura

    We love James & Lianne! Lianne is one of our favourite customers 🙂 the frock in the main photo and the bottom left (cocktail) are both from Love Miss Daisy and we just love the way Lianne wears and photographs them. It’s so lovely when we see our dresses being worn by such fabulous, talented people! Their photography is awesome, check it out 🙂 xx