Meet our latest vintage twosome, the wonderful Jesse and Tim from Australia. Here’s over to Tim:

“Jesse and I are both students in Sydney. We study archaeology together and work part time. I work in a book shop, and Jesse at a cupcake shop. We met just after we finished school about three and a half years ago.

Neither of us wore vintage at that time, but we both loved old things, and in particular old cinema. Therefore when we both became interested in the clothing, we really egged each other on, and now it is definitely a full time thing. Whether it be reproduction or original, it feels a lot more comfortable to both of us.

We both love the Forties. The clothing of the time is reserved, absolutely beautifully made, and has great silhouettes for both men’s and women’s styles. We both try to keep options open, branching into Thirties and Fifties also.”

To find out more about this gorgeous pair, check out their blog!




classic car



casual 40s

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  1. Nora

    Woohoo Tim and Jesse are the best! They are really sweet in person as well – cutest vintage couple!