Meet Ingemar (63) and his lovely wife Anne-Marie (55). The two Swedes, who are both business and marketing consultants, got into vintage fairly late in life when Anne-Marie bought Ingemar a hat for his 60th birthday.

They’ve been vintage addicts ever since: Ingemar owns 30-40 vintage suits and hats, while Anne-Marie has many old dresses, coats, hats and other accessories. 

All studio images: Viktor J Fremling
Non studio images: couples own 

9 Responses

  1. Mlle Marie

    I agree with Carli, just Fantastiska! (fabulous in swedish!)

  2. Magdalena

    I love this couple and that you are featuring people over the age of 50. How wonderful to see fashionable people in every age group. This couple is very rare. I don’t see too much of this going on in the US. So refreshing.