Meet our latest Vintage Twosome, the very stylish Annabelle and Phife. They have just won the couple’s vintage swimwear competition at Viva Las Vegas! Phife wore a late Twenties “Bradley Knitwear” wool one-piece, Annabelle an unlabelled vintage swimsuit. They also had the coolest Elvis wedding. But see for yourselves.

“My name is Annabelle (31), and my husband is Phife (49). We live together in San Francisco.

Phife and I met through swing dancing and enjoy all kinds, including Lindy, Balboa, Jive and East Coast Swing, but our main focus is Collegiate Shag which was popular during the Thirties and Forties. We love pairing our enthusiasm for vintage with our love of the dances of those eras. Many of our vintage purchasing decisions are based on “can I dance in that?” We like to match when we go out dancing, and will pick a color, theme, or era to focus on.

My love of vintage began at an early age, growing up in two 1890’s landmarked brownstones in the Bronx, NY, where my family has lived for four generations. They were featured in the NY Times. My grandparents lived next door, and I grew up listening to American popular standards on the radio, watching MGM technicolor musicals, and my Grandma miming swing dancing footwork in her chair to the music.

As she was an early swing dancer, and a Square Dance caller later in life, music and dancing was always present in my childhood. And of course she couldn’t leave the house without her red lipstick on! My love of vintage includes the make-up, hair and clothing, but also the music, dance, art and aesthetic of the times, as well.

Phife’s inspiration for wearing vintage is a bit simpler. He figured out women like it! Phife started swing dancing about sixe years ago, and noticed women would dance with him more when he wore vintage. But he also grew up longing for the lifestyle his Grandpa had at his age – always wearing a hat to work, dressing nicely, owning clothing made of quality materials and made in the USA. So when dancing became an increasingly big part of his life, the aesthetic fell into place. And his body is just the right size for everything Fifties which makes shopping easy!

Overall, I think we each create the world we want to live in, and the romance and history that goes along with vintage clothing helps to add a little fantasy into everyday life.”

Vintage Couture Ball

Film Noir Fest

Elvis Wedding!

Balboa Fest-Tiki Night

40's Oscar Night


3 Responses

  1. kSto

    What a handsome couple! Was that the Graceland Chapel? My husband and I got married there 21 years ago (me in mom’s 1954 wedding dress, him in a 70s brocade tux.) Good luck!

  2. A-belle

    Thank you K! Yes, that is Graceland Chapel. That’s great that you were also married there – nice to know it’s still in business and Elvis weddings are not going out of fashion!

  3. Bunny Moreno

    Omg you guys are sooo flippin cute and so stylish! I love it! Gahhhhh!!!! Thats so great that you do so many things together. Its so rare to have a hubby be into such hobbies like we all are into hehe Thankfully mine supports it w/o being in it-w/o his support I wouldnt be able to do half of what I do hehe Keep up what you are doing-you are both such an inspiration!! xox