For most of us our teenage years are a time of awkward dressing where we try out various styles (goth anyone?) until we find our own personal look. Not so our truly remarkable Vintage Queen number 74, who at the tender age of 17 is already an amazing dresser and without a doubt the most stylish teen we have ever met.

My name is Miss Amethyst and I am a 17 year-old who is in love with vintage! Before I was born my parents both loved vintage, in pictures my dad looked like he came out of a Fifties magazine. He loves collecting vintage surf boards from the Sixties.

And my mom channeled the Victorian era by adding accessories from that era, she even wore a Gone with The Wind inspired wedding dress for her wedding day! I was raised in a house that had furniture and decor from the 1800’s to the Thirties, and my mom always dressed me up as a Fifties doll as a very young child. So naturally I love vintage finds too.

I love watching old fashions movies because they made them so well. In fact I only watch old fashion movies, I haven’t been watching up to date movies in a long time. My style consists of two eras that I’m in love with, the Forties and Fifties, but occasionally you would probably spot me wearing a fabulous number from the early Sixties too.

I’ve always admired vintage hair styles, back then the hair styles were so proper and girly. I always sleep with a pin curl wet set at night time, and I love to ask my grandmother about her techniques and hair styles she used to do when she was younger. She even taught me how to do victory rolls!

My first time wearing victory rolls was to Walmart, no doubt people stared at me, but my mom and dad always tell me just because people stare at you in a weird way, doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. So I always tell myself that and it works. This is who I am, and nobody is going to change that!

I like to copy the Forties  style to a ‘T’, so for example when I paint my nails I leave out the half moon. And for my make-up I do the classic Forties look, not to mention that I love wearing seamed pantyhose.

I am also a big fan of vintage hats and have a large collection. I’m in love with my half hats and pill box hats, especially if they have flowers , rhinestones, and feathers on them.

Soon I’ll be attending cosmetology school and I’ll be learning more about vintage hair styles. When I get my licence I’m going to specialize in vintage hair styles.

I’m so glad that I have parents that have the same interests as me – collecting vintage. After school my mom and me always visit our favorite vintage shops weekly, and we always come back with vintage goodies.

When we get back home we always look up the labels on the internet and find out about the background of the person who made it. That helps us determine the era of the item. I love wearing history, each article of clothing has a story to it.

Vintage has been a big part of my life, I live, and breath vintage. I enjoy giving people tips about vintage hair sets, and I love meeting people who share the same joy as me. Hopefully in the future I can share my love by opening up a family business with my parents selling fabulous vintage clothes!

15 Responses

  1. Kiri

    Oh my goodness! I would love to be friends with this girl! She’s incredible. Does she have a blog or anything? I hvaen’t really seen any other vintage loving people close to my age. (16) Although, I’m not as into it as her, I’d like to be. 🙂

    • Lena

      As far as I know she doesn’t have a blog or website!

  2. Lady Carmen

    Miss Amethyst you are an inspiration! Best wishes with you career dahling.

  3. Karen

    Soooo adorable! This girl has got the look down pat. I couldn’t be more jealous.

  4. Annabella Freeman

    If anyone was staring at her in Walmart it was because she is so beautiful. Most of the people that shop at Walmart look like creatures from the cantina/bar in Star Wars so who cares what they think!

  5. Katelyn

    Hey Chels, I’m so proud of you!! You go girl! I miss you so much!!! 🙁

  6. Tine

    I am very glad to see somebody interviewed who is only one year older than me. She obviously has a lead start to me with vintage loving parents. How I would love to live in a house like she describes! To see other people in vintage gives me the stimulance to experiment with other hairdos and such. I should really google the maker of my dresses as well!

  7. {gabriellarose}

    absolutely beautiful. i’m 13 and love vintage, especially the 40s so this is a huge inspiration. dunno where the heck she gets her clothes but, yeah gawgeous!!

  8. nikki

    that is so awesome im 16, and im a huge vintage fan. im really poor though so i cant get that much 🙁 i like the designers deer creatures, and modclothing i believe it is. i really want a vintage victorian house when i get older.. hopefully.. and i love the old cars!!! my kids names are even old fashioned, Victoria, Evelyn, and Sylvia. hm oh yeah and vincent, victor, maybe edgar, but my bf doesnt like those names. i leave my natural hair as it is thick, wavy, and curly, but now im trying to curl my hair every night, so it comes out in locks. i dont like tanning like most teens :/ nor their style… you know what i really want is red 50’s leather gloves. you know the old ones, and i want vintage traveling bags too…. my whole life revovles around that. when i ask ppl what time era would they want to go back to everyone says the 80’s 🙁 im like the only one that says the 30’s40’s or 50’s… i really love their bathing suits too, thats the only kind i would get.. is a one piece 1950 bathing suit. seems amazing if i could go back during that time.. anyway you look extremely gorgeous, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!!!! im extremely jealous haha…..

  9. Megan

    hey girl you look so gorgeous in those pics!! i was looking up pics for vintage stuff and you came up. lol