Whether the mainstream knows it or not, vintage style is one of the true pillars of fashion, celebrating classic pieces in a way which allows them to stand the test of time over and over again. But as today’s events are more about current trends rather than classics, does that mean the classic vintage style is a dying art? Not at all – not if these events have anything to say about it!

Horse Races

In the UK, horse races are an annual tradition. These are not simply opportunities to watch the sport, they’re a bit of a who’s who in society. Perhaps the biggest head-turners are the Cheltenham Ladies Day, Royal Ascot and of course, the Grand National. These huge dates on the calendar often see women dressed to the nines – but sadly, the races also have a bit of a reputation for bringing out women in brash and often tactless clothing in their droves!

Fortunately, however, many ladies still have the right idea. Take Vogue Williams’ approach to the event. Her demure and dainty nod to bygone eras were a particular highlight for anyone who recognises that her name should not say anything other than high fashion! Whilst the fashion may be a little hit or miss among many of the other revelers, it’s all top odds for Cheltenham Ladies day at williamhill.com – and, we suppose, one could argue that’s the most important thing (even more than – gasp – fashion).

The Red Carpet

Hollywood glam is as essential as talent itself on the scene – with the multitude of award ceremonies taking place left, right and center, it’s absolutely essential that the right look is created each and every time.

Harper’s Bazaar has compiled a list of their favorite celebs who’ve absolutely nailed vintage throwbacks in this respect, and we reckon they’re absolutely on point. Featuring everyone from Julia Roberts to Chloe Sevigny, Nicole Kidman to Renee Zellweger, these icons show you once and for all that some celebs know how to get it right.


It’s not just high fashion events which are embracing vintage ideals. There are many aspects of vintage style which can appeal to those without the status and bank account, and which may even appeal to a more alternative crowd altogether.

Take such unusual spots as the Parkes Elvis Festival in Australia. The event, which celebrates the life of Elvis himself (as you might expect), provides a wickedly fun gateway for people wanting to get on board with vintage, as it’s famed for its patrons showing up in 70s Vegas glam gear or 50s Rockabilly style.

Fashion Week

Obviously, vintage style is a major player at various Fashion Week events around the world. Key locales such as the Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week pay tribute heavily to vintage; and it’s evident everywhere from the catwalks to the coveted “frow”.

2017 has proved no exception already. London Fashion Week made headlines when Oxfam – a charity with lots of goodwill stores – made a political statement aimed at changing the world from the runway. Fashion Fighting Poverty saw a show solely made up of vintage clothes sourced from their warehouses. The point was to show that we should all be conscious of the fashion we consume. See, vintage even serves a higher purpose!

The High Street

With so much inspiration all around us, it’s time to get involved if you haven’t already. Like what you see? Vintage style is easy to emulate. Pick a favorite decade, or simply experiment. As Anna Wintour once said: “fashion today is available to everybody in a way it never has been before” – so enjoy!

Main image: “Vintage” (CC BY 2.0) by PreciousBytes
second image: “Digging through vintage clothing” (CC BY 2.0) by Rex Roof