harlowThe very first blonde bombshell, Jean Harlow was a legendary Hollywood starlet, talented actress and international sex symbol, until her career was cut short by her untimely death. However, her legacy as a vintage style icons remains.

Not many actresses start their career as a dare. Brought up in a wealthy family, her father was a dentist, Harlow eloped with a Chicago socialite at the young age of 16.  Once settled in LA, some of her friends teased her that she wouldn’t have the guts to try out for a film. Little did they know that their dare was the start of a legendary film career.

Jean’s budding movie career took off when she was handpicked by the eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes, who chose her to  be the female lead in his aviation film Hell’s Angels (1930). He realized her potential and highlighted her sexual image, which was picked up by MGM executive Paul Bern.

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  1. Kiri

    That’s awful! 26, wow. What a lovely lady, sad life though. Seems that many of these old stars had tragic and short lives.