Anita Pallenberg is maybe less well know than some of her contemporaries – Marianne Faithfull, Jane Birkin, etc – however she is just as representative of the late Sixties, Seventies  power girls, with shorter than imaginable skirts, rocker boyfriends and walks on the wild side. Sara de Velasco reports.

A striking beauty from young age, Anita was well educated, enigmatic and thoroughly modern. She left her mark as a main influence in the life of the Stones, first as Brian Jones’ girlfriend and later as Keith Richard’s, but also in terms of their music and aesthetics. Moreover, she was considered almost another member of the band and respected for her opinions, something not so common for groupies and girlfriends, especially back in the days.

Pallenberg’s style was typical of the Seventies, bare legs in mini skirts and hot pants, long tousled hair and plenty of eye make up. It was this style that made Pallenberg famous and caused her friend Marianne Faithful to describe it as ‘evil glamour’. Anita’s carefree look also took some of its influences from her interest in black magic and spiritual rituals, an interest in direct contrast with her intellectual upbringing  and the knowledge she had gained as a medical student.

Before meeting the Stones, Pallenberg had been a model, appearing on a French Vogue cover, but in later years her talents extended beyond modelling and Anita studied fashion design and acted in various films. Her most notable role was as the Back Queen in Barbarella, and she also appeared in avant-garde film Performance, which she co-wrote.

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