Berlin is a fantastic destination for any vintage lover. Not only are there plenty of shops and flea markets waiting to be discovered, but where else could you pick up Fifties Eastern European crockery or Seventies Eastern German furniture. has compiled a comprehensive shopping guide.

Immaculate Heart sells both vintage interiors and fashion. It’s a small shop but the stock has been carefully selected and is lovingly presented. There’s always some set of Sixties plates or Seventies glasses to be found.
Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse 28
10178 Berlin

OFT (Ohne Frage Toll), which means something along the lines of ‘without a question amazing ‘ sells furniture, interiors and lights from the Sixties and Seventies. Once you step inside you feel like you have been teleported back into past decades, it’s like the set of Mad Men!

They also stock plenty of random quirky items such as ashtrays and even the odd pair of shoes.
Chaussestrasse 131b
10115 Berlin

Made in Berlin definitely aims to cater for the trendy crowds, mainly focusing on Eighties fashion. The selection lacks a bit of quality and many items aren’t vintage but from the Nineties. It’s still worth a look, especially their extensive shoe section.
Neue Schönhauser Straße 19
10178 Berlin

Humana is a huge charity shop spread over five floors. It’ll take you hours to search through thousands of items, some are second-hand, some vintage. It’s cheap as chips but definitely requires a bit of a rummage.
Frankfurter Tor 3
10243 Berlin

Garage Berlin sells clothes by the kilo, yes really! What might sound like a great idea is not quite as brilliant when you realize most of the stock is second-hand rather than vintage. Still a good place to hunt for make & mend projects.

Read on for more Berlin tips!

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12 Responses

  1. Tara

    I’ve been to the shop on page 4 – literally biggest shop ever! Loads of weird and wonderful things there.

  2. Beta

    Awesome! i have been to all those places and there are plenty more!

    As far as i have been Berlin is definitely the best place for passionate vintage freak.

  3. Lotte

    Thank you for all of this, I am going tomorrow to Berlin!

  4. Tante Patent

    Thank you! I’m off to Berlin this friday and can’t wait to check out the vintage shops. Your guide is a great held and time-saver.

  5. Geer Pouls

    In the Torstrasse: vintage and more. Wonderful ceramics of the fantastic german seventies from factories as Scheurich, Cartsen, Roth, Mobach and more. Beautiful Glass from Orrefors, Arcade and Holmegaard. You hardly can blieve your eyes.
    Also the flowers wich are fitting to these incredible vases. see our website and find us on facebook Brutto Gusto Berlin

  6. pooly

    hallo……i truly believe that this is a misrepresentation of what is true vintage in berlin…..humana is def not worth visiting as they are greedy and the rudest people i’ve ever meet working in a shop…and this is a corrupt organisation, that people should be aware of.

    if you would like to know about kool vintage, please contact me and i would be happy to help you….

  7. Elsa

    I totally agree what you are saying about humana. Furthermore the clothes are uncleaned and not wearable. I know a really good Vintage Store n Berlin which is worth visiting. Its called Tragfläche and its in the Pappellallee 10 near the tubestop Eberswalder Straße. Its mostly 70s Style and all the clothes are cleaned, fumigated and classified which is extraordinary for Vintage Stores!! Ive never been to a Vintage shop which has got so many nice suits originally 60s-80s! I think its definitivly worth to pass by!

  8. Mickey

    I live in Berlin! And HUMANA is genuine a corrupt firm. Humana is not a german company. Please support the privates instead. Garage/Made in Berlin Vintage. Dont go, its a secondhand trap. Overpriced polyester clothing.

    Otherweise, good recommendations above!