We don’t usually associate Tel Aviv with happy news so unsurprisingly it’s often forgotten that the city has a buzzing fashion scene. Angel Cutsforth shows us a different side to the city as she reveals its best vintage shops.

I love vintage clothes and I’m getting around to finding all of the shops in Tel Aviv. Here’s a quick compilation of my favourite vintage stores and my recommendations for which ones to visit.

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4 Responses

  1. Elay

    This is the best second hand store in tel aviv. Really a gem. ! must visit!

  2. Elad Kushnir

    Hello all. Hamachateret (the undergound) store is located on Almonit st # 5. Almonit is a small alley off the King George St. We are located AT THE END of the alley on the left side. For more information and pictures click on this link for our facebook page.


    Hope to see you here soon!

  3. Anna Morris

    Does anyone have the email address or phone number for this shop? Please? Ahava LeShinah (Love for Seconds)

    Thank you

  4. carrie

    I’m looking for the name of a vintage shop off Allenby. I bought some great shirts there. Anyone have an idea which store I’m referring to? It’s right around the corner from Aroma. The manager is so sweet, her name is Keren .