Ingemar Albertsson, vintage lover and Stockholm resident, has compiled his favourite vintage stores in Stockholm for us.

There are many second hand stores selling clothes in Stockholm, more than 50 at least. In many places you may find a few garments that are really old, if you are lucky, but here is a list of my  favourite shops where real vintage clothes can be found at any time. I am not talking about retro, but clothes for both men and women from 1890 – 1975. The list is divided up in districts of Stockholm’s inner city.  (T: means Tunnelbana, i.e. the nearest subway station).


59 Vintage store (women’s wear only) pictured above
Atte Jigestam Stråhle, the owner, is a very experienced vintage dealer, she knows a lot about old clothes and has a fantastic selection of long and short dresses, old handbags, shoes with style, overcoats, skirts and accessories. You may find a Sixties mini-gown from Pacco Rabanne made of small linked leather pieces – if you dare to wear it. 

My wife has found a lot here – a neat jacket in cornflower blue from the Forties, many handbags and a real lady’s suit with a fur collar. Atte’s store is a reliable source for birthday or Christmas gifts. Once I found a hatbox from the Sixties that has come along on many trips.

Address: Hantverkargatan 59, Kungsholmen, Stockholm (Bus 3, Bus 52, Bus 62 T: Fridhemsplan/Rådhuset)
Open: Tue – Fri 12.00 – 18.30. Sat 12-16


Herr Judit

Herr Judit (men’s wear only) 
The gentleman who is a careful dresser without wanting to spend a fortune should definitely go to Christian Quaglia and his staff at Herr Judit (Herr means Mister and Judit is a female name).You’ll find new, second hand and real vintage clothes here. It is hard today to find old garments in good shape so the selection has become more and more modern with a lot of designer brands in good condition, the focus is on style, quality and fashion. You can find a great assortment of quality shoes here: Church’s, Allen Edmonds, etc. Here, the chic man can find his watch, hat, tie, bow tie, pocket square, bag, and other fancy stuff – even a crotchet boutonnier.

Herr Judit have three shops. The original and main shop is situated in Södermalm at Hornsgatan 65. They have a more upmarket store at exclusive Östermalm on Sibyllegatan 29. Near the main shop there is also a special shop called Brandstationen, a former fire station, where you’ll find accessories, cuff links, watches, necklaces, bags, pens, lamps, mirrors, small furniture, kilims and other essential goods.

I bought my first second hand clothes in Herr Judith on Sibyllegatan on the 4th of February 2011 and now I´m an addict. It was a light brown Italian winter coat and a green Borsalino fedora hat. I have bought shoes there; a pair of heavy brogue Tricker’s good for Swedish winter, and lately a pair of Spanish Cordovan shoes from Carmina. My best buy is probably a ten year-old tweed jacket from Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

Hornsgatan 65, Södermalm. Tel. +46-8-658 30 37 (T: Mariatorget/Zinkensdamm)
Sibyllegatan 29, Östermalm. Tel. +46-8-663 70 47 (T: Östermalmstorg)
Open: Mon – fri 11 – 18, Sat 11 – 17, Sun 12 – 15 (Sibyllegatan closed on Sundays)


Judits Second hand (women’s wear only)
Women’s wear with class and in good quality is what you´ll find at Judit´s. There is a shelf where you often can find real vintage, but most of the garments are modern fashion brands and designer pieces.  You´ll find your dress, coat, sweaters, accessories, etc.

My wife recently bought a slim black gown with a white lace collar from the Thirties.

Adress: Hornsgatan 75, Södermalm, Stockholm (T: Mariatorget/Zinkensdamm)
Open: mon – fri 11.00 – 18.30. Sat 11.00 – 16.30

Upp+Ñt v+ñggarna

Uppåt väggarna (men’s and women’s wear)
A small shop with a large assortment. It is always fun to enter this store where Björn Dreiwitz and Christer Godwall present a carefully chosen mix of men´s and women´s wear and a lot of accessories. You´ll find frocks, gowns, skirts, hats, jackets, trousers, gloves, socks – you name it. Uppåt väggarna also sell a lot of small retro gadgets and nice equipment for your household like cups, bowls, finery and textiles. They still manage to avoid modern stuff. Everything in the shop should be before 1980.

A blue smoking-jacket is my best buy here, and I´ve found several loose collar shirts from the Forties with that elegant and slim shape of the collar. My wife has bought a beige coat from the Fifties and lots of shoes and dresses.

Adress: Rosenlundsgatan 1, Södermalm, Stockholm (T: Mariatorget)
Open: Wed – Thu 15.00 – 18.30, Fri 12.00 – 18.30, Sat 12.00 – 16.30

Modern Retro

Modern retro vintage (women’s and mens’ wear, home deco)
Totte Gabrielsson calls his garage a vintage department store. When you walk down the narrow entrance to the thrift shop in the basement, it is full of old stuff from the entire 20th century: an electric guitar, a pipe, a typewriter, posters, pots, sunglasses, etc. When the room opens up you´ll see a lot of clothes and shoes for both him and her: jeans, dresses, suits, jackets, coats, hats, old ski boots and lots of fancy shoes, some is deadstock. Here you also will find a large number of old leather jackets, the largest stock in town.

We have bought crocodile shoes, waist coats and some accessories from Totte. But the best buy is my wife´s blue-green summer coat, late Sixties from Finland – it is Flower Power!

Adress: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 9, Södermalm, Stockholm (T: Mariatorget)
Open Mon – fri 12 – 18. Sat 12 – 16

Lisa Larsson

Lisa Larsson Second Hand (women’s and men’s wear)
Lisa Larsson is one of the grand old ladies of vintage in Stockholm and her shop is a classic second hand destination. The shop opened 1986 when it was easy to find garments from 1930 – 70, but these articles have become rare so the stock is now mixed up with modern fashion brands. But if you are looking for classic vintage clothes Lisa Larsson´s shop is a must. Here you’ll find great gowns, frocks, coats, hats, shoes, suits, accessories, i.e. everything. Most of the stock is for women, but men can find something here too.

Almost every time we find something at Lisa´s. I have bought at least four hats, lately an old straw boater that fits my head perfectly and a green pork pie. Some of my wife´s most beautiful dresses were bought here. Her last buy was a pair of lady´s boots in black from approx. 1900 that fits and are in perfect condition. You don´t see them very often, do you?

Adress: Bondegatan 48, Södermalm, Stockholm (Bus 3, T: Medborgarplatsen)
Open: Tis-fred 13-18, Lör 11-15


Mangle Vintage (men’s  and women’s wear)
A fun thrift shop for the younger man, with some goodies for his girlfriend too. – “I sell clothes and nice necessities for hipsters or the preppy”, says owner Caroline Börjesson. The assortment is more casual with knitwear, jeans, jackets, waist coats, and shoes. Caroline often travels to France, England and the USA to buy her items. You can expect a lot of hip gadgets and accessories like knapsacks, bags, baseball mitts, sunglasses, ties from the Sixties, belts, watches, etc. , a mix of vintage, retro and new stuff. 

Mangle has been a reliable supplier of striking waist coats, ties and bow ties. The old leather box for keeping my loose collars was also bought here. My best buy is probably a brown checked overcoat from the Seventies in genuine Terylene.

Adress: Götgatan 37, Södermalm, Stockholm (T: Medborgarplatsen)
Open: Mon – fri 11 – 19, Sat 11 – 17, Sun 12 – 16

Östermalm & Gärdet

Sundown Covey

Sundown Covey (men’s and women’s wear)
Peter Wahlquist is a master tailor who makes made to measure clothes in a classic English style. They are produced in India. Mostly garments are tweed or keepers twills for promenading and hunting. So if you like the look of the Duke of Windsor and Mrs Simpson this is the right place. The look is vintage, the clothes are new. But the shop also has a limited stock of high class vintage. You may find a Saville Row suit, waist coats, knickerbockers, crocodile shoes, old handkerchiefs, vintage leather bags, cuff links, ties and similar things. Everything in this small shop is class. 

My best buy is a light brown golf suit with waist coat and plus-fours. Bespoke 1953 from A.W. Bauer taylor´s firm, a supplier to the Royal Swedish Court. You are a real eye-catcher in that suit, I got many compliments from random people. I have also bought some rare pieces here, hand-knitted socks, ties, cuff links, etc.

Sibyllegatan 38, Östermalm, Stockholm (T: Stadion)
Open: Mon – fri 12 – 18. Sat 11 – 15

Saker & Ting

Saker & Ting (women’s wear only)
This incredible small and charming shop – 11 square meters only – is a true classic in the Stockholm vintage world. The experienced owner Bie Eriksdotter knows a lot about the subject. She has been selling vintage clothes for decades and there must be a big external storage somewhere. Here you can find a whole outfit for a party: ball gowns, coats, bijouteries, accessories, hats, old lingerie. But also everyday clothes like frocks from the Forties to the Sixties. Somewhere on the racks there’s the perfect gown for your Nobel Price ceremony. The problem is finding it, cramped is an understatement. 

Because it is so hard to see what’s on the racks, I once booked an evening for fitting and trying. I gave Bie my wife´s size and measures and asked her to pick out what she had in stock that may fit. You can imagine how surprised we were when she showed us over twenty dresses, all in the right size. (In most thrift stores you may find one or two garments that fit – if you´re lucky.) I asked my wife to choose the four dresses she liked the most and then left the shop so I could buy her one of the dresses as a gift. Of course I bought all four, and obtained a secret storage of gifts for a long time.

Adress: Sturegatan 28, Östermalm, Stockholm (T: Östermalmstorg / Bus 1)
Limited opening hours. Tue – Fri 15 – 18, or by appointment.


A Marchesan

A Marchesan (men’s wear only)
Is this the best men’s vintage store in all Europe? Almost every garment is from before 1970. No compromises is the motto of Alexander Marchesan. The shop furnishing is new but it looks like an old haberdashery from the mid 20th century. The hangers are full of classic 2-piece and 3-piece and even 4-piece suits, colorful waist coats, heavy overcoats and tweed jackets from the early 20th century until the Sixties. Several garments are bespoke and much is deadstock, sometimes with the old price tag still there.

Trousers have buttoned flys and buttons for braces too. The pockets are made in cotton, not nylon. You can also expect to find fine English shirts, starched collars, collar pins, Art Deco cuff links, silk ties and bow ties, garters and suspenders, old pyjamas, etc. No one has such a huge collection of hats, a whole shelf up to the ceiling with Homburgs and Fedoras from Borsalino, Stetson and other quality hatters. The shoe room is worth a visit itself. No one in Stockholm has that many second hand quality shoes from Allen Edmonds, Church’s, Crocket & Jones and other first class shoemakers. All are in very good condition and cost less than half price compared to new shoes. This is a shop with style. 

Alexander has dressed me several times. I have bought two elegant double-breasted and chalk-striped suits from the Forties in light grey and chocolate brown plus a fantastic cornflower blue bespoke suit from 1951. I’ve also found two American summer suits from the Sixties there. Not to mention all the shoes, waist coats, scarves and overcoats plus an elegant smoking jacket.

Adress: Odengatan 74, Vasastan, Stockholm (T: Odenplan. Bus 2, Bus 4)
Open: Mon – fri 11 – 18. Sat 11 – 17, Sun 12 – 16

Old Touch

Old Touch (women’s and men’s wear)
This is probably the number one vintage store in Stockholm with a wide assortment from 1890 to 1970 at surprisingly low prices. Birgitta Gardner and her colleague Martina pay careful attention to age when they buy their articles. This shop is a must if you are in Stockholm. Other than clothes, lingerie, shoes and accessories for both women and men they have textiles, bags, glass, china, finery and curiosities. Someone once said it´s like entering a doll´s house. You also can rent your outfit for a costume party or masquerade.

I have found many small things here and Old Touch is a prominent purveyor to my wife. She and her friends have bought many outstanding dresses, shoes and hats of all ages. We always find something fun to buy when we drop in. I have bought odd things that are hard to find elsewhere like old socks and underwear, garters and suspenders, hats, a wallet, old spectacle frames and real handkerchiefs for my breastpockets – not fancy pocket squares from fashion stores. And our son just bought a full dress suit, tailor made for an engineer 1941.

Adress: Upplandsgatan 43, Vasastan, Stockholm (T: Odenplan)


Epok (womens’ and men’s wear)
Just between Old Touch and A.Marchesan you´ll find Epok that sells both mens´s and women´s wear of old age. What about a dinner jacket in heavy wool for him and a spangled flapper dress for her? Or a dress suit for the bridegroom and a gown for the bride? It´s rater cramped and full of old and fun stuff on two floors. Top hats, shirts with loose collars, over coats, suits, jackets, trousers, gowns and dresses, shoes, blouses, ties, buttons, textiles, bijouteries, you name it. Agneta Kusoffsky, the owner, is an old milliner who has been dealing in old clothes for over 50 years and has worked at Epok since 1990. Here you also can rent the full outfit for a dress party. 

Recently I bought flannel pyjamas, still wrapped in its original packaging from the Fifties. I have also found some collarless shirts there. My wife has bought a few dresses, but the best buys are a knitted cardigan from Bohus and a real Charleston hat from the Twenties.

Adress: Odengatan 83, Vasastan, Stockholm (T: Odenplan)
Open: Mon – fri 11 – 18. Sat 11 – 16


As I said in the beginning, there are many stores selling old clothes in Stockholm. You can find vintage, and of course retro and second hand garments in many thrift stores all over the city and in the suburbs. Some sell high class second hand with designer brands from the Noughties, but they are not on my list. Plus there are four auctions with so-called quality vintage each year – Bukowskis and Stockholms Auktionsverk both have spring and fall auctions. But most of their articles are quite new.

You may find vintage at Myrorna (Salvation Army). They have many stores all over the city. Emmaus (two good stores near Slussen), Stadsmissionen and The Red Cross have a few shops too.

Beyond Retro is a chain that sells mostly imported retro clothes in three shops in Zinkensdam, SoFo and City. Then you have some retro and flea markets at the weekends, some specializing in retro clothing, but mainly it is junk. Two times a year, in April and October, there is a big Vintage Fair with approx. 40 second hand dealers.

It has become harder and harder to find fine vintage clothes from before 1975. Even in a remote place like Stockholm so here is a bonus suggestion a bit further away:

Lata Pigan

Lata Pigan
If you have plenty of time in Stockholm – and a car – it is worth to take a trip to Lata Pigan (Lazy Maid) outside Enköping, one hour’s drive on the E18 north west. Out in the real country side Margareta Backström-Öberg has a whole barn full of fantastic clothes. This may be the best vintage store in Sweden. Almost everything is from before 1975. She is a textile designer who started to collect well-designed textiles for decoration, but she is also very experienced in vintage clothing.

Lata Pigan is one of our most reliably suppliers. We have found a lot here at very reasonable prices – many outstanding dresses, 3-p-suits, sports garments, old ski boots, plus-fours, vintage knitwear, over coats, etc. Even a swimsuit from the Thirties. We pack our picnic basket and spend the whole day there. Margareta also sells first class design objects from the mid 20th century like textiles, lamps, china ware and furniture. Last summer we bought two vintage bicycles from the Thirties/Forties and an old sundial for the garden.

Adress: Tillinge Vela 6, 745 94 Enköping
Open at weekends during summer season or by appointment. Call before visit. Tel: +46-73-649 15 73

IngemarAbout the author:

Ingemar Albertsson, 63 years old, married to Anne-Marie, 55. We are booth business and marketing consultants soon to be retired. My wife bought me a hat when I turned 60 in October 2010. I discovered vintage the 4th of February 2011 – now we are addicts!

I have about 30 to 40 vintage suits and hat and my wife has as many old dresses, coats, hats, and more

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