Having felt inspired from browsing vintage shops during a trip to America back in 2006, Paul and his business partner wife Bernice decided to set up Devoted 2 Vintage. It first began life in January 2007 as a shop in Boxmoor, Hertfordshire, followed by an online shop which went live the same year. The online shop became so successful Paul and Bernice decided to close up shop and concentrate solely on their online business. Neandra Etienne goes behind the scenes of Devoted 2 Vintage to discuss the Fifties, festivals and –  of course – fashion.

Sourcing from a network of dealers worldwide and in some cases from the public for rarer items, Devoted 2 Vintage has become one of the largest vintage online shops in the UK, selling to customers worldwide.

Neandra Etienne for QoV: What has been your favourite item in the shop?

Paul:I have a bit of an addiction to vintage leather jackets. You just can’t beat the character and patina of an original vintage leather. My wife and business partner has a weakness for Fifties handbags. However, we have had some stunning Fifties evening dresses, one of my personal favourites was a fabulous black silk couture Norman Harnell cocktail dress.

QoV: If you could step back into time, what decade would you travel to and why?

 Paul: I love the glamour of the Fifties but for me it would have to be the late Sixtiesto early Seventies to experience some of the festivals and rock concerts of the era.

QoV: Describe what a typical day is like for you?

Paul: I spend my time between working with suppliers, talking to customers, managing the web page and ensuring that orders are posted the same day. We always like to have at least one rail of clothing ready to be added to the web page so that there is always something new to see online. To do this I need to continually buy quality vintage and process it ready for addition to the web page. I try to get out of the office buying once a week, for me this is one of the most interesting aspects of the job as you never really know what you will find until you get there.

QoV: How do you feel the vintage market has changed since you first opened?

Paul: For us it has been the shift from high street to the internet. In general however, we have found that as demand has grown, more and more sellers are entering the market. We see this as a positive thing as good competition keeps us on our toes to ensure that we continue to offer great variety, value for money and most important of all, the best possible customer service.

QoV: Have you got any advice or tips for new customers wanting to visit your shop?

Paul: Vintage shopping is great fun and can be quite addictive. Whether you are just starting your collection or are after something for a special occasion, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Any reputable dealer will be more than happy to offer advice and talk about any items in the store, after all many – like us-  have hand-picked every item for a reason.

As an online business we know that it is essential to be able to try items on. This is why we offer a full returns policy and only charge for the first item. So customers can order more than one item and just keep the one that they like the best.

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