untitled1Don’t worry if you thrift a blouse that is ill-fitting, too big or even has a hole. Angel Cutsforth  has a step-by-step guide on how to fix your blouse to fit you perfectly.

I recently bought two white blouses, both of which needed mending. One of them was too big down the sides, while the other was also too wide and had a huge hole right at the front.

First of all, I fixed blouse number one and made it smallerblouse1before to fit me. Firstly I put it on (right)|and used a pin on each side to figure out roughly how much I needed to take in and up to where. I’m lucky that I didn’t need to go all the way up, if I’d had to, there would have been a lot of fixing the armhole.

It’s important that you pin all the way up the sides in the shape you need. As you can see in the photo, I did a diagonal line so the blouse would get tighter at the bottom.

Once both sides are pinned, try it on again and see if the fit is even. If it is, sew and finish with an overlock machine.







blouse1afterHere’s my finished blouse.








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