Charity and vintage shops are full of cheap but unfashionable jackets that can be updated in a few easy steps. Lucy Housman has given her charity shop find, an Eighties jacket, a new lease of life with some simple readjustments.

The piece I have chosen for the revamp this week is a lightweight jacket requiring quite a bit of tweaking before it’s fit to hit the street.

As you can see from the picture (right) there is a bit of a situation regarding a red neck tie. I feel that, beautiful as it is, it has passed its prime and would do better being a neck tie no longer.

Thus, step one: remove the neck tie and any form of offensive neck accessory adorning the collar that was once mistakenly seen as a ‘gorgeous must have’.

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One Response

  1. Kevie

    Well done. Looks like jackets I have seen previewed in the fall/winter 09 shows. I used to remove shoulder pads back in the day, because I preferred the slouchy look, plus it made room for my own (broad) shoulders.