p1050005Vintage revamp queen Lucy Housman shortened her thrifted dress too much, making it look, err, ever so slightly indecent. Find out how she cleverly saved the dress by adding some contrasting fabric.

This dress came to me in a box of vintage clothes a friend was chucking out. Immediately wowed by the gorgeous floral pattern, I decided that it must be added to my collection of dresses, although it did need a little revamping.

I did this revamp in two stages, one about a month ago, and the second this morning. After the first alterations the dress was pretty and summery but lacking a certain edge, so when I realised what I needed to do next, it was clear I had to share this you lovely readers.

p1040987The first step, done a month ago, was to slim it down and shorten it. I took in a few inches down each side seam and an inch or so down the front as the bust was very baggy.

This transformed the dress form being rather tent-like to being really sprightly and lightweight. The usual rules apply with the seams here: measure on yourself how much to take in by turning the dress inside out and pinning along the seams-to-be at a comfortable width, and keep the seams as even as possible.

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