In the spirit of make do and mend our resident vintage revamper Lucy Housman tackles an old cardigan that needs a bit of reshaping. What a difference a faux fur collar can make!

This weeks revamp is geared towards being both snug in the coldness of winter and stylish. I live in a house where central heating is ineffectual, so this is ideal for me and any of you who might be in similar situations. This cardigan was already gorgeous when I found it and sports a luscious faux fur collar.  It only needs a bit of reshaping and touching up to make it wearable again.

You can do this on any cardigan or jacket-esque cardigan you might have that needs a little tlc. First of all, th

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e fur trim had come away from the collar in parts so I put in a few stitches here and there  to keep it back in place. This needs too be secure enough so as not to come undone, and be sure to use the right colour thread. Adding faux fur to a cardigan is a great way of updating a boring find, it will hide a dull neckline and instantly add a bit of Thirties glam.

lucy article 3Next is to reshape. Turn the garment inside out. If you have a mannequin, use it to shape to cardigan or jacket, if not then you will probably need to wear it yourself and get someone to help. Pin along the two side seams, fitting the garment to your body shape.

I wanted to get a VV shape at the bottom so I pulled the side seams out further.

I rather liked this as it gives the cardigan a chic Thirties look. Once you have pinned, you are ready to stitch- do two lines of stitching if the fabric is woolly or woven, this keeps it from unravelling.

Finally remove any extra buttons, belt carriers and threads that are unnecessary. There you have a restyled cardigan of the elegant vintage variety. Team up with jeans for a casual look, or keep it vintage with a slick pencil skirt.

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  1. Angelina Machado

    Oh this is a great idea and I have an item on eBay a really cool Coyote fur stole over a VINTAGE DENIM jacket! looks so very Bohemian and warm