Would you like to share your style with other vintage lovers from around the globe? I’m always looking to feature cool girls who have their own take on vintage, be it the Twenties or the Eighties, head-to-toe vintage or mix and match. Age, size or what ever else aren’t relevant – what matters is style, if you have it, I’d love to crown you a Vintage Queen.

I also love to feature stylish gentlemen as part of the Vintage Kings series, plus vintage couples might want to share their style as a  Vintage Twosome.  So if you are a dapper gent or a retro couple, I’d love to hear from you.

If you fancy it, do get in touch with a few words about who you are and a few pictures of you in various vintage outfits so I can get an idea of your look. Simply drop me a line (lena@queensofvintage.com) –  If you’re style fits the bill, you’ll hear from me!

8 Responses

  1. Ailu

    When are you gonna do this again? Please let me know!
    I want to be a Queen n.n


    • Lena

      Hi Shannon,

      Not sure what details you are after, feel free to email me your questions!


  2. BettyLee Designs

    We are a reto and vintage company who would love to send you pics of what we do to become a Vintage Queen! Basically we make retro, vintage styled clothing, aprons, jewelry, accessories, and have recently been thinking about starting up a fabulous beauty like of scrubs and body butters. We Also offer the service of fixing or “retro-fying” any garment that you want. This is a new company and we would love referrals! Come check us out!

  3. Alejandra De Olivera

    I love what you are doing.I am all about vintage.One of the best decades ever! and I finally found people to share this love for vitage with ! thank you soo much!