Our amazing Vintage Queen number 75 is a fabulous stripteuse, art director and burlesque teacher who has shared the stage with the likes of Dita von Teese. We love Gentry de Paris for her innate sense of glamour, her dedication to past styles and fabulous stage outfits.

“I’m a Paris-based Burlesque stripteaser and art director. My job is threefold: I get flown all over the world as a burlesquer. Last September I wrote, art directed and starred in a 2-hour “grand revue” that ran for two weeks at the Casino de Paris and co-starred Dita von Tease. I have another big show in the works for autumn.

And I also run Paris’ only Burlesque school, where scores of “femmes normals” are transformed into “femme fatales” and educated in the art of Bump & Grind.

I have a collection of vintage clothes, shoes, lingerie and accessories big enough to fill a boutique…and I’ve been dressing like a lunatic since my early 20s. (I’m 33 now).

I used to be on of those totally militant strict dressers who wouldn’t wear a 1950 shoe with a 1955 sundress. And I only wore deadstock lingerie to have the correct silhouette.  But I’ve lightened up and now I like to mix it up.

I’m more into decade surfing to suit my mood than having a completely period-correct outfit. I especially love how one can find classic mid-century shapes in high street shops.

And while my heart belongs to the Fifties lately I’ve been wearing a lot of Sixties inspired dresses. And I have a small but growing collection of 1880-1890s chemises and skirts. And my prized possession is my collection of Bird of Paradise feathers.

Lately (and you’ll notice in some of the photos) I’m wearing modern clothes with vintage styling (hair, makeup, shoes, accessories).  My clothes are getting too fragile and I hate finding tears and repairing straps.”



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