Agent Lynch, the Sixties-style burlesque bombshell and pin-up, has been a firm favourite of the burlesque scene for the past 3 years. With her Sixties inspired performances and trade-mark Sixties look, to which she sticks on-stage and off, we just had to make her our Vintage Queen number 33.

A circuit fixture in her native London, Agent Lynch also performs regularly in Paris, Milan and Rome. She has also danced her way around Bollywood and starred in music promos for bands such as Elbow, Tricky and The Enemy. Plus she also regularly runs her Burlesque Academy  in London  teaching the basic of burlesque and her trade mark moves.

So why the Sixties? “Sixties fashion saw real technological breakthroughs as man-made fibres became widely available and with them a sense of optimism and excitement about the future.”

“This translates into a playfulness and sense of the fantastical about Sixties fashion which I simply love”, Agent Lynch explains, “I love the colour palette of oranges, greens, brights and monochrome, the cutaway panels, mini and maxi!”

“I draw so much inspiration from Sixties film cult classics like Barbarella, The Avengers and Danger Diabolik– catsuits galore! A lot of my obsession with the Sixties is ultimately due to Bond films.”

“When I was child I idolised Bond girls with their big hair and eyelashes, that brand of glamour was something that always aesthetically appealed to me. I think being a burlesque dancer is just a way to live out my Sixties fantasies if only for 5minutes at a time!”

To find out more about Agent Lynch click here.

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