Our fabulous Vintage Queen number 27 is in love with the Thirties in particular and vintage in general. An accomplished dress maker, she makes all her own clothes using vintage patterns and fabrics.

Amy lives in Philadelphia and her favourite time period is between the two World Wars with a heavy lust for the Thirties.  She makes all her own clothes from sewing patterns from the Thirties and early Forties.

Amy’s love for vintage started a decade ago: “I got into vintage in 1998 when I got the Internet and began seeing old photographs of Louise Brooks.  It was then that it snowballed into a lust for silent films and the rowdiness of the Twenties”.

“With my discovery of the Twenties naturally came a love for the pre-code era and the perfect and flattering dress lines in Thirties fashion.  I’m not limited to the Thirties, though.  I mix it all up from the Twenties to the Fifties.  Sometimes even Sixties, but my heart belongs to the Thirties.”

To read more about Amy have a look at her fabulous blog.

7 Responses

  1. Brandi

    Aw she looks great. I love her blog, especially when she does her “glam spams”!

  2. Tammi Johnson

    You look lovely Amy. Some of these pictures are new to me.

  3. Amy Jeanne

    These pictures are not representative of how I look and dress now. These pictures are quite awful. My style has evolved quite a bit since this time. This was when I was only just beginning to sew and feel out what my vintage style should be. I am still obsessed with the 30s and pre-Code movies, though, That’ll never, ever change…lol.