Our amazing Vintage Queen number 26 calls herself ‘Middle-aged Teacher’ but there is nothing plain, boring or dowdy about her colourful vintage wardrobe, proving that vintage has nothing to do with age or is only reserved for the hip young things.

Our lovely Vintage Queen is wearing a bright yellow, thrifted wool ‘Spinelli’ dress from the Eighties here.  ‘The faux mink stole was once part of the school’s Drama Department wardrobe, but I ‘stole it’. ” she admits. Miss, we like your way of thinking!

For more pictures of our Vintage Queen click here.

2 Responses

  1. jitterbug65

    You look so fab – just what your pupils need to see on a daily basis, teacher rockin’ the retro look!

  2. Gigi

    wonderful style, its so refreshing to see and older woman with beautiful cloths and sense of ‘real’ style.Instead of the drab, plain and depressing colours you see on most older woman who have lost interest. However i couldnt be a student of hers, id be to distracted by the flamboient wonderful cloths!!!