Our Vintage Queen number 17 is a vintage pin-up and Forties connoisseur.

The beautiful Fleur de Guerre, 27, lives in Surrey, UK, and works as a copywriter and vintage model. Fleur looks never short of immaculate and dresses in a head to toe Forties look every day.

For more pictures of Fleur click here.




Picture credits, 1: Tobias Key, 2: John Evans, 3: Tobias Ke, 4: Chris Drzymalski

4 Responses

  1. Tina Stanbridge

    Who is Sarah Wellsman? You don’t say but she is finding some real vintage styles. A real useful addition to your team. Can we have a picture of her?

  2. hannah asprey

    Yay for Fleur! The most gorgeous vintage gal I know!